Chocolate Hang Over

Easter has come and gone. The chocolate bunnies have been eaten.


Now its time to work through the post-holiday hang over.

Oh to be a child again during the holidays. To just sit back and have the magic happen. Instead of being an adult and making the magic happen.
You never realize as a child how much work goes into a holiday. The planning, the cleaning, the prep, the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning again, planning again when something doesn’t work out, more cleaning.

I love holidays. I love family time. But they can honestly be draining both physically and even emotionally.
The boys are back to school today after 4 days home, yet evidence of their play is still laying all around the house. There are still dishes that need to be cleaned, toys that need to be cleaned up, floors that need to be mopped again, and the post chocolate stomach ache still lingers. Why must chocolate taste so good? I didn’t set out eat a lot, I was only testing it to make sure it was safe for the kids. I did it all for the kids.

How do you bounce back after a holiday? Have a day to recover? Jump right in and start cleaning? Do a little detox?

I think my goal for today is take start off with Green Tea, a fruit smoothie, and then tackle one room at a time.

~ Michelle


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