10 Simple Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kinds are so much fun! There is nothing better than knowing you helped someone, changed someones day for the better, put a smile on a strangers face.

Here are 10 simple, fun Random Acts of Kindness that you can take part in, and that you can involve your kids in. It’s never to early to show kindness.

1. Smile. So simple, doesn’t take any money, time or any real effort. Yet the simple act of smiling at someone can brighten someones whole day.

2. When you are out around the town put some extra change in expired/ about to expire meters. You can even leave extra quarters in the shopping carts at grocery stores. Again so simple to do, wont cost you a lot, and can have such a deep impact on whoever receives the unexpected little gift.

3.When out shopping every once in a while buy one extra food item for the food bank. You are already at the store, and it wont take long to pick up one extra item for someone in need.

4. Live where it snows? Shovel a neighbours driveway. This is great to do. Always surprises people, especially if your neighbours are a bit on the older side. Or if it is summer, cut your neighbours grass. This is a great workout for you, and will totally surprise your neighbour. Win win.

5. Compliment a stranger/ friend/ family member. It’s always nice to get compliments. They can change someones whole outlook on the day. It’s so easy to do, and wont cost you any money and takes hardly any time!

6. Hand out $5 coffee gift cards to random people. I’ve done this before, and the look of shock and gratitude is so heart warming! If you see someone having a bad day, or maybe the person serving your food at a restaurant is working a double shift, or a mom with a sick baby in the doctor’s office waiting. Such a small thing and can have such a deep impact on people, both those who receive and those who give.

7. Donate clothes/ blankets/ household items. These items can mean so much to someone in a shelter, home, or even homeless. Especially in the winter, people are in need of blankets and warm clothes.

8. Pay for someones order behind you at the drive-thru. This one is so great to do. The chain reaction of it is something amazing to watch.

9. Send random Thank You notes to family and friends in the mail. This is such a nice surprise, and who doesn’t like getting real mail?! Thank them for being there for you. Thank them for just being them. Thank them for a dinner together. Thank them for all the late night phone calls over the years.

10. Hold the door open. Going to the mall? At the store? See that mom struggling with the stroller, and little kid, why not take a couple of minutes out of your day and hold the door open for her? See an older couple walking hand in hand, hold the door open for them. This doesn’t take long, but it is such a nice gesture.

What are some of your favourite Random Acts of Kindness?
Have you ever done a Random Act of Kindness?
Have you ever been on the receiving end of a Random Act of Kindness? 



2 thoughts on “10 Simple Random Acts of Kindness

    • I know, right? Such simple things to do, I”m amazed they don’t happen more often. I was struggling to get into a store with my stroller yesterday and you should have seen people, that actually pushed me out of the way to get through the open door instead of opening one of the 6 other doors themselves, or helping me and my daughter in her stroller. So sad. People need to slow down and take a look around.

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