Let’s Do This!

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


After taking a much needed break to focus on family I am back. I would love to say that I feel better than ever, that I got lots of rest during this little break, that I feel like a new person, my spirit is renewed and all that jazz, but honestly I am more emotionally drained then ever it seems. But with all that it gives me more motivation going into the week to tackle my list and do all the things I need to.

So here it goes, my goals for the week.

Family Goals

1. Read together. Less screen time, more connecting.
2. Set a timer in the evening and have everyone work together to tidy up before bed.
3. Meal plan and stick to it.

Home Goals

4. Spring Clean.
5. Tackle the kids toy/play area.

Personal Goals

6. Workout. At least 4-5 times a week.
7. Remember to just Breathe.
8. Stop biting my nails! I miss wearing nail polish.

Work Goals

9. Make work more of a priority. Focus on it more.
10. Believe in myself more.

This week is going to be so busy. As much as I would love to rely on sugar and chocolate for my energy this week, I can’t. This week I will be working on motivation to get myself out this funk that I am in. Lets hope the weather is nice this week, a little sunshine has always done wonders for me.

Do you have plans for the week? What do you hope to accomplish this week? 

~ Michelle


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