Lets Keep The Wonder Alive

This. This picture. I love it.

To you this may just be a picture of a little girl standing in some grass. To me it is so much more. This picture is of my daughter, and when I look at this I see her beautiful spirit, her curiosity, her adventurous nature, I see her exploring the world around her, I also see her trying to talk to a bird that was in the grass, and the pure joy she got from seeing that bird and hearing it sing. There are no words to express the joy on her face, and the happiness I felt seeing her experience this.

To often in this life I am consumed by stress and worry. I will often forget to stop and enjoy the little things or even to stop and look for the little things. This picture reminds me to slow down. To enjoy the world around us, to look for the good in it. It reminds me to find the joy in everything around us, even the simple things – like a bird singing.

I love watching the world through my children’s eyes. I wish I could see it myself, experience it the way they do with pure joy and innocence. It is sad that as adults we tend to lose this ability. It is a good thing I have my children with me to remind me of this daily.

I hope and pray my children can hold on to their adventurous and innocent spirit for the rest of their lives.

How often do you stop and smell the roses?

~ Michelle


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