Adoption Tattoo 

3 years ago I got my first tattoo it is of the Adoption Symbol. The three sides of the tattoo represent 1. The Birth Parents, 2. The Parents Adopting, 3. The Child. All included in the one heart for the love they all share.

I got this on my left forearm, right where my baby’s head was cradled the very first time I got to hold him before he was placed for adoption.
I’m Adopted and A Birth Mother so this tattoo represents SO many people. First off it represents my Birth Parents, My Parents, and myself, it also represents my Son, the amazing Parents that adopted him, and again myself.

For personal reasons there is no coloring, no extra images, or flare to it. I didn’t want anything to take away from the meaning of it. And didn’t want anything to ‘glamorize it’ as being a Birth Mother is not an easy thing, it’s the hardest thing I have ever had to do and don’t find anything ‘glamorous’ about it.

~ Michelle

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7 thoughts on “Adoption Tattoo 

  1. I love that tattoo. It really does say it all. Your situation is unique in that you are both a birthmother and an adoptee. I know what my experiences have been,and can only imagine what you have experienced emotionally. May I ask where you found the tattoo? I am considering my first tattoo, at 56 no less, and that looks like the perfect thing!


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I found it online one day while reading about adoption and feel in love with it. I have an extreme fear of needles, so it was a HUGE step for me to get this. If you get It done I would love to see a picture!


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