Hello Summer

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.
Hello Summer Vacation.


It’s the first Monday of summer vacation, first full week of summer fun.

I would really love to say that I have a whole whack load of plans, that I have so many goals to accomplish, that I’m all put together, that I’m totally on top of things, that I’m fully and completely organized. But I’m not any of those things, at least not today.

This week is all about summer fun. It is about letting go and enjoying the ride. It is about letting the kids be kids. It is about taking in the little things. It is about family time together. It is about endless hours of silly conversations and laughter. It is about just being together.

I want to enjoy time with the kids without an agenda and schedule. I want to enjoy the sunshine without checking my watch to see what time it is. I want to enjoy playing outside without putting a timer to it. I want to enjoy seeing my kids use their imaginations without having to stop them. I want to enjoy the freedom of being home with my 3 kids.

There will be time for schedules next week. This week is for fun.

What are you doing to celebrate the first week of Summer Vacation? 

~ Michelle


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