Back At It

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


After taking off some time to fully enjoy summer vacation with my kids, and also to give my husband time to fix my computer, I am finally back at it. You don’t realize how much you use and would miss your computer until you can’t use it. I’m not usually one to become attached to an object, but when its my computer and holds my photos, internet and my work – my outlet, I miss that.

So here we are. Two weeks into summer vacation and I am happy to say my children haven’t driven me completely crazy yet. We have been having a fun, low-key, relaxing time. I want to keep this theme of relaxation going all through summer vacation.

So here are my goals for this week.


1. Get the boys on some sort of chores schedule. As much as I am for letting kids be kids and enjoy summer vacation, I am also for kids learning responsibility, and helping out around the house.
2. Read together every day. We have all been so worn out by the end of the day lately that we have been skipping family reading time.
3. Meal plan and have everyone help out with cooking.


4. Keep the house clean and tidy. Get back into the habit of setting the timer in the evening and having everyone tidy up.
5. Finish cleaning and organizing and going through the giant pile of work and art work they brought home from school.


6. Workout. I have been SO bad on this lately. I’ve been going for walks, but that is about it. And I have put it off so long that it is affecting my mood, and that is just not good. I don’t like feeling this way.
7. Write. Not just for my blog, but for myself. Whether it is in my journal, or just writing for the sake of writing.
8. Relax. So much easier said than done. With the boys home all day and baby girl still never sleeping, I have not been alone since the boys started summer break. I have been having a hard time unwinding. Even though we are having a relaxing summer vacation, I still crave that time on my own to unwind and be on my own, even for just a few minutes.


9. Write. Plan. Create.
10. Take chances. Leave my fear behind me and dive in.

Do you have any plans for this week? Or are you just soaking in all the summer vacation you can?

On a side note, remember a few weeks ago one of my goals was to stop biting my nails? I finally did that. Now if I could stop breaking them! Score 1 for me!

~ Michelle


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