Ending of Chapter 8

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.
Goodbye August, until next year.


I can not believe how fast this year has gone by, especially this summer. My daughter is already 17 months, my boys are 9 and 8 years old, and my son that I gave up for adoption is now 13! Everyone is growing up too fast for my liking. Even my dog is celebrating her 15th birthday today. Yes I know my dogs birthday, don’t judge.

The end of August also means that it’s almost school time. This is so bitter-sweet for me. I love when my kids go to school, I love how excited they are about it, I love watching them do homework, I love watching them as they tell me all the new things they learned. And I will fully admit, I love the break. Now don’t go thinking I am a bad mom or something. I do miss my kids when they are at school, but I also like having the house around a normal noise level, and its nice that it stays clean for more than a few minutes at a time with out 3 kids running around.

This week should be interesting, my goals for the week are:


1. Get organized. Finish the final touches on my “command centre” that I made in my kitchen.
2. Meal plan, stick to it. Seriously this sounds easy enough, but this past week my daughter has been teething, and I’ve been fighting off a sore throat that by dinner time my energy is gone. I’m finally feeling more like myself, so I am determined to stick to my list this week.
3. Read together. Long summer days and late summer nights have kept us busy. We haven’t been reading as much as I would like, or even the boys would like, so back to reality.


4. Clean and organize the front hall and front hall closet. Its turned into a disaster over the summer.
5. Basically do an end of summer purge, clean and organization of the whole house!


6. Read. I actually read a whole book, one whole book this summer and it was so wonderful. I read “The Girl on The Train” and loved it! So any other recommendations would be wonderful!
7. Write. Journal. Write some more. Journal some more. Write just for the sake of writing. It can be such an emotional release, I really don’t know why I don’t make time to do it more often.
8. Workout. Last week I finally started wearing my Fitbit again, and of course I get sick. So this week its time to kick it up a notch. My plan this week on top of working out is to also hit 30 mins of active minutes, at least, a day on my Fitbit.


9. Organize my desk, and my thoughts. Maybe they will go hand in hand. Maybe once my desk is organized my thoughts will be able to be organized.
10. Take chances. Get over my stupid fears.

What are you hoping to accomplish this week? Are you on a mad dash to finish back to school shopping? 

~ Michelle


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