How Many Kids Do You Have?


I can not even express my love hate relationship with this question.

How do you even answer this question?

This is how I answer the question:

Here is what my heart says, I have 5 children. I have one child I gave up for adoption, I have 3 children home with me and I have 1 angel baby up in heaven that left me before I got to know her.

Here is what society says, I have 4 children. My miscarriage, well no one wants to talk about that or acknowledge that. Society thinks that to be a mother you must have a ‘real live’ child. Society likes to think that my child that I miscarried some how doesn’t count. Society clearly doesn’t know what is in my heart.

4, I have 4 kids. But wait, society has something to say again about that, I gave up my oldest son for adoption. Now I am down to 3 kids, because those are the only kids living in my house.

So 3, I have 3 kids in my house that I mother every day, all day and most of the night because sleep is a rare thing here.

I have 5 children in my heart, 1 gone forever, of the other 4 children, 1 child is living in Europe with his family, but only 3 of those kids live with me and drive me crazy every day. So how many children do I have???

To answer the question, I have 5 children, but I get to mother 3.
5 Children, Mom to 3.

How many kids do you have?

~ Michelle


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