15 Years Together, Forever In My Heart

Last week was one of the worst weeks my family and I have had in a long time.

Last week we had to say goodbye to our family dog, my dog, my fur baby.


My sweet dog Angel has gone to dog heaven. I got to spend 15 wonderful years with this beautiful, faithful, hyper, crazy, dog.

I have so many great memories with this beautiful dog. I got to spend time on the coast in Mombasa, Kenya with her, watching her play on the beach in the waves and chase crabs. I remember the day I brought her home, she would only sleep next to me. I remember day some street kids dog-napped her and my dad rescued her from a tiny box she was tied up and hidden in. I remember picking her up from the airport when I brought her to Canada from Kenya, I will never forget how excited she was to see me. I remember the first time she saw snow. I loved how protective she was. She may have been a tiny 12 pound dog, but she had a giant heart. For every single one of my pregnancies she would sleep by my stomach, and once my kids were here she would protect them. She loved my kids. She would bring them toys when they cried. She would sleep outside their door when they napped.

I will miss her cuddles and kisses. I will miss the way she used to run around the house when we came home. I will miss the way she used to sneak into my bed at night and steal my blankets and pillow. I will miss her hippy little bark. I will miss the way my tiny little puppy thought she was a giant fierce dog.

I had 15 wonderful years with my beautiful dog. But we had to say goodbye. My poor dog got too sick and there was nothing we could do. It was heartbreaking decision we had to make.

My sweet Angel puppy is now a real angel dog and will never be forgotten.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support over the last week.

~ Michelle


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