Lets Have Some Fun

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


Usually a Monday holds equal parts frustration and hope for me. A new start, a new week, new possibilities, mixed in with the stress that is always there on a Monday, no matter how much planning and prep I do.
But today, there is not much of anything. My mood seems to be matching the same greyness that is outside right now.

Usually I separate my goals, organize them. This week I want to beat the grey funk that is covering me. So I am going to do a little something different with my goals this week. They won’t be in categories, and they aren’t going to be so much about getting work done. Everyone needs time for play, and I dedicate this week to fun.

Fun Goals for the week;

1. Have at least one dance party a day with the kids.
2. Finish the book I am reading with the boys. 2 more chapters!
3. Paint my nails, some pretty bright colours!
4. Have a bubble bath!
5. Watch a sappy movie, where they play music that has nothing to do with the movie and everyone gets a happy ending.
6. Go to bed before 11pm. Totally crazy! Not sure I can pull this off.
7. Play a card game. And fingers crossed I can actually win, or at the very least not get beat that badly by the kids!
8. Have a family movie night, complete with yummy snacks and lots of cuddles.
9. Go out and buy some new scented candles.
10. Color and/or craft with the kids, but also on my own. Alone time to get creative is always needed.

How do you plan on having fun this week?

~ Michelle


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