Monster Pudding Cups

This was a favourite craft/activity of the kids. Mostly because they could eat it after! But also because with little help of actually making the pudding, they pretty much can do this on their own. They decorated the cups all on their own. They poured in the pudding. They crushed the Oreo Cookies. Pretty much all I did was dance around the kitchen with my daughter while they worked away happily on this.

So here is what you need to make your own Monster Pudding.


Pudding (Vanilla so you can use Green Food Coloring in it)
Food Coloring
Plastic Cups
Oreo Cookies

Something to mix the pudding in.

After you have made the pudding, and let the kids decorate their cups, and let them crush up a bunch of Oreo Cookies (of course after testing some to make sure they are good), turn your pudding green (or any other color you would like, and place in cups. Top off with crushed up Oreo Cookies.
For an added bonus you can add gummy worms to the top.


Eat and Enjoy!



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