Getting Ready For The Holidays

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


It is already the last week of November. Holy jumping, this year has just flown by. My Christmas tree is already up, the house is decorated, gifts have been bought, I am (mostly) ready for the holidays! Bring it on!

Like I said, I am mostly ready for the holidays. I say mostly because no matter how much planning I do December is always full of surprises, and there is always something I tend to forget, no matter how many lists I write and re-write.

So my goals for week are to prepare for the holidays so for once, just once, I might actually be ready and not running around like crazy the week before.

So my 10 goals for the week are:


1. Clean. And then clean some more and organize. So that when it comes to the holidays and company coming over I am not doing a major clean 10 minutes before.
2. Have a grocery list ready for the holidays and buy anything I can that will not go bad ahead of time.


3. Mail out christmas cards! Seriously. I started writing them November 1st. They are still sitting on my desk.
4. Visit Santa and get our traditional photo of at least one kid crying. Because they end up being so cute and I can’t wait to show the kids when they are older.
5. Go for a drive and look at Christmas lights. The past two years we haven’t done this with bed rest and a baby who hated the car and would get sick in the car. This year I want so badly to do this again. I have missed it so.


6. Find time to relax. Journal, colour, read, take a bubble bath. Whatever it is as long as I am relaxing.
7. Realize that no matter how many lists I make, how many goals I make, no matter what I do, things will go wrong, I will forget things, but at the end of the day none of it truly matters. Time with family is what matters.
8. Go with the flow. Remember to breathe. Workout, when something quick, just some yoga, a dance party, something as long as it gets me moving!


9. Set “work hours”. Working from home it is hard to separate work and non work stuff. I need to learn to set “work hours” and learn to walk away and not stress about it.
10. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

What do you hope to accomplish this week and before the holidays?

~ Michelle


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