I Had Plans, But Then Life Happened

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


Monday, we meet again. Last week was bad. Last week was horrible. My toddler was sick. I honestly say that she never left my side last week, even at night. I didn’t get anything done that I planned on. I didn’t get any work done. I barely worked out. I made the most simple dinners I could. And I never slept in my own bed. And you know what,I wouldn’t have it any other way. Last week was stressful on so many levels, but throughout it all I was just so thankful that I was able to be home with her and drop everything without worry to be with her.

So this week now that my daughter is on the mend and I am fighting off my own set of germs I am determined to get back at it and get something done.

So my goals for this week are;


1. Keep up on the house. Tidy up every night and keep laundry going to giant mountains don’t start growing and threaten to take over the house.
2. Cook meals at home every day this week. It is so easy to just throw in the towel and order in food, especially when someone is sick, and you are so tired.


3. Read with the kids before bed. Lately that has been pushed onto the back burner, especially with little one being sick.
4. Spend more time together without the distraction of electronics. Sounds so simply doesn’t it? Then why some days does it feel so hard to accomplish?
5. Spend more one on one time with my boys. This past weekend I went on a ‘date’ with my big guy. We went to the mall, hang out at the bookstore. I love that how much my son loves the bookstore. Then after hubby got off work the three of us went to dinner. I can’t wait to do this with my youngest son and then do it again and again with both of them.


6. Find time to relax and rest so I can kick these germs to the curb and feel like myself again.
7. Relearn how to do short hair! This weekend I got fed up with my hair and chopped it off. I went from having my hair at the longest length since I was four years old, it as down to my waist almost, and now its above my shoulders, shortest it has been in about 10 years.
8. Do things for myself, spend time alone, and not feel the dreaded Mom Guilt. I hate Mom Guilt. I feel it about everything I do that doesn’t involve my kids. And I know that has to stop.


9. Work. Plain and simple. Just create. Actually get back in my office and work.
10. Dream big. Really big.

What do you hope to accomplish this week? I would love to hear how you hope to reach your goals!

~ Michelle



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