A Decade In Retrospect from a Stay At Home Mom

My son is almost 10. TEN! How did this happen?!
Its got me thinking. A lot. About a lot of different things. So so many things. But right now I will just talk about 1 thing. Being a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM). I have been a stay at home mom for nearly 10 years! 10 years!

Here are a few things I have learned about being a Stay At Home Mom in the past 10 years.

1. Its damn hard.
Isn’t it great when people think Stay At Home Moms do nothing? That it is so simple and easy to just “stay home all day”. Well it is not. It is the most emotionally draining and rewarding, physically hard, draining, challenging, rewarding, exciting, tiring, thing I have ever done. Never have I felt so many different emotions in a single day. I’ve gone from happy go lucky, to crying on the floor, to making an awesome lunch to burning dinner and ending the day with cuddles and giggles.

2. When your kids are sick it is one of the worst feelings ever. 
I’ve been a mom for almost 10 years and yet any time my kids have a fever and are sick my heart sinks. I feel so useless and helpless. I just want to make them feel better. And I can never sleep when they are sick.

3. I will probably never stop checking on my kids at night. 
Its a habit. I can’t stop. I can’t sleep unless I go in and sneak one more look at them and one more kiss.

4. EVERYONE has an opinion. And they will always share it with you. 
From family members, friends, other moms you meet to random strangers. Everyone. If I had a nickel for every time I got ‘advice’ from someone, that I didn’t ask for or want or need, well I would have a whole whack load of nickels. I’ve had random strangers complain to me about bottle feeding my babies, unknown to them that it was breastmilk in the bottle, but they didn’t ask and it didn’t really matter if it was breastmilk or formula anyway.

5. Your definition of success will change. 
What once was success was high grades, pay raise at work, promotions at work. Will not be when your child first smiles, first lifts their head, first sits up, crawls, and those first steps! Oh those firsts. All those firsts. All so amazing. I remember my kids first steps. My heart would swell with pride, I would cry. The feeling of pride I felt for my child in that moment was beyond amazing.

6. You will feel alone but never be alone. 
Some days are hard. Really hard. Some days you feel so alone. You miss adult conversations that don’t centre around cartoons, abc’s, numbers, colours, snacks and juice. Especially if your child hasn’t started to talk yet. It can be hard. And lonely. Which is odd since you have another human clinging onto you and following you around every single place you go, every single place, even the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom.

7. You will miss going to the bathroom alone. 
If you go, they will follow. Even if you close the door you will see little fingers under the door and hear them continuously knock and call for you. Need a shower? Need to go pee? Get ready for an audience.

8. Some days you just don’t want to get dressed. And you probably won’t. 
Some days you may wear pjs all day, and thats ok. Some days will you make more of an effort and change into a clean pair of pjs, and thats ok too. Some days you will actually put on real clothes, thats cool too. Either way your kids won’t care or notice.

9. Bad things happen when you wear black clothes. 
If you wear black clothes something will happen. Your child will suddenly turn into a snot monster and rub their face all over you, or your sweet little perfect baby will spit up all over you, or sticky dirty hands will touch you.

10. You will become the Schedule Queen. 
I was never one for schedules and routines, until I become a mom. Now I have a giant calendar in the house, a day timer and a calendar on my phone. Everything is colour coded. I check my calendar all the time. I plan months in advance.

11. Its ok to not enjoy every moment. 
Motherhood is a magical moment. Its amazing. The love you feel is overwhelming. But it is hard. Its not all rainbows and sunshine and all things wonderful. Some moments are hard. Some moments are really hard.

12. Motherhood is magical. 
It really is. Its a wild rollercoaster. There are good moments, bad moments, and totally amazing moments. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It has been so much more than I ever expected. The love I have felt for my children is so overwhelming. It is so much more than I ever imagined possible.

I am so thankful that I am able to be a stay at home mom. The past 10 years have been amazing. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years, and beyond bring.

~ Michelle


4 thoughts on “A Decade In Retrospect from a Stay At Home Mom

  1. Wow! Congratulations Michelle, we both have that in common, I have been a stay at home mom,for 12 years running,and now that I am trying to upgrade myself, I find it quiet hard to get out of the House for long hours and not feel a bit awkward because you don’t have the children around with all the drama involve.. It is really a rollercoaster ride. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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