I Flooded My Kitchen, Again.

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


Basically “hello new screw ups”. Ok, maybe not that drastic, but it sure does feel like it. Last week was crap. Total crap. It sucked. It was stressful and bad and horrible and I’m just glad it is over. Also I flooded the kitchen, again. (I know, right? I wish I was kidding.)

I thought I was handling my stress and lack of sleep well. But yet again I was doing too many things at once, with way too much on my mind, and under preforming everything and did not have even attention to give everything I was trying to do. All of that equals to a flooded kitchen with me sitting in the centre of it all with a pile of soaking wet towels and crying.

The only good thing that came out of it was what my kids said to me. Well not my daughter, she just ran around yelling “Uh oh! Big mess! Oh no!”. But my boys, they hugged me, rubbed my back while I was crying and said “Mom, what do you always say? It will be ok, accidents happen. In the grande scheme of things, this isn’t bad.” Love those boys!

This week, I just hope and pray it is better than last week. I don’t know if my heart, soul, mind, or kitchen can handle anything else!

As much as I would love to curl up in a ball and do nothing, life must go on and my family and house must be taken care of!

Here are my weeks goals;


1. Don’t flood the kitchen. Seriously.
2. Cook healthy meals and try out new meals! I’m in a cooking rut and really dreading cooking lately. Its hard coming up with meals that can easily be made into a vegetarian meal for me and a meat meal for the rest of the family.
3. FINISH filling the photo frames. There are currently 2 photo frames up in my house, for months now with the stock photos still in them. Its sad. Something has to be done.


4. Plan out upcoming birthdays and March Break. I like to plan and be prepared. Can you tell? Now if only my kids would stop changing their minds on their birthday plans! That would be super awesome.
5. Read together. The boys have been doing really well with reading on their own. Which I love, but it does tend to cut into time to read together. Which is bitter sweet. I love seeing them read on their own and I love reading together with them.


6. Beat my husband in our workout/fitness goals this week. We have a step competition going on this week! And I REALLY want to win! If I don’t, I will never hear the end of it.
7. Read. Last week one of my goals was to read a real book on my own in the month of February. I have yet to actually start one, last week did not really leave much time for that. This week my goal is to at least start a book!
8. Find some way to relax. I’ve been interested in mediation before, but I have never gotten very far with it. I love my colouring book, but again, anytime I start that 3 kids want to join in, and as much fun as that is, it takes out a big chunk of the relaxing aspect of it.


9. Organize. I am not just talking about my desk. My mind, my thoughts and my plans! I have so much running through my head, I really need to sit down and map out all of my thoughts and plans!
10. Create! Plain and simple. Have fun and create.

What do you hope to accomplish this week? I would love to hear your goals!

~ Michelle


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