Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It is that time of year again. Valentine’s Day.
The one day set aside to show your love for all the special people in your life.
However I also go back and forth in a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. So much pressure on one day! And why one day, why can’t we show our love every day? But it is nice to have a “special” day. And it is a nice excuse to do some crafts with the kids and decorate with all things pink and red and of course glittery!!!

If you are stuck for what to do this Valentine’s Day, I have ideas to help ease the pressure!

Here are 10 fun Valentine’s Day activities that you can do with just you and your partner, or all together as a family!


1. Treasure Hunt around the house. Or outside if its warm or you don’t mind the cold. You can make this romantic, go to places that mean something – first date and such.
If you have kids you can make it fun for them. Hide heart shaped candy around the house.
You could hide love notes around the house, write it on different pieces of paper so they have to find all of them to make up the message. This can work with or without the kids.

2. Share the love. Volunteer somewhere. Homeless shelter, animal shelter, or both. You can do this as a family or just with your partner for some special one on one time.

3. Wine and Dine your partner. There are a few different ways you can do this one. This one is really just one to do with your partner.
Go out for a taste test. Visit a winery.
Find a place that you can make your own wine.
Buy several different wines and cheeses and snacks and go home and sample them by candlelight or by your fireplace.

4. Travel in the comfort of your own home! This can be done as a family event or just with your partner after the kids go to bed.
Decorate, put up pictures of Paris, or some other place you have always wanted to travel. Make authentic food from that place. Find some music online from whichever place you picked to travel to, to complete it all.

5. Reenact your First Date.
Remember the first place you had your date? Bonus if you remember the actual meal you ordered and not just the restaurant.
Take the kids with you and tell them your love story.
( I remember the place, and my meal, however I’m a vegetarian now and wouldn’t be able to eat it!)

6. Go Skating.
I am not one for the cold, but there is something romantic about Ice Skating outdoors. Either at an outdoor rink, or if there is a frozen lake near you (just make sure the lake is frozen enough for this and it is safe! Safety first!)

7. Family Picnic, or a romantic picnic for two!
Make some yummy food you can eat with your hands, bonus if you can cut it into heart shapes. Spread a blanket on the floor, put on a romantic movie or music, and ta-da!

8. Trip Down Memory Lane.
This can work with or without the kids.
Go for a drive to where you first saw each other. Then to where you had your first date. Got engaged. Got married. Tell the story to the kids, or just talk about your story together.

9. Write Love Notes to each other.
This can work if you have kids or if you want to do this just you and your partner. Write a bunch of little love notes, make some funny, some serious, some romantic *wink wink*, or write a whole love letter.

10. Craft night / Movie Night.
Make it a family fun night with the kids. Make some crafts together and watch a movie.
When was the last time you watched Cinderella?


Whatever you decided to do on Valentine’s Day I hope it is fun and filled with love and happiness!
~ Michelle


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