Lets Do This

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


Monday, I am ready for you. I think. Even if I am not I am telling myself I am. Power in positive thinking, right?!

The last couple weeks have been a blur. I hurt my neck. Which at first I thought was not a big deal. But do you realize how much your next is affected when you move pretty much any other body part?! Then germs invaded the house again. I hate this time of year. No matter how much I clean my house, healthy food I feed my kids and all that, I still have to send them to a germ invested school. I am so ready to do more. Do more than sit still, taking it easy, or cleaning things with Lysol wipes.

This week I want to take back my house. I want to actually accomplish things, not just get by. I want to do things, great things, fun things, important things.

So my goals for this week;


1. Clean. Not clean in the sense that I have to get the germs and sickness out, but clean to clean and organize. If that makes sense.
2. Tackle the bookshelves. I love that my kids love to read. I just wish the also loved to put back books in the right spot. I’m not OCD by any means, but I like my bookshelf to look nice. Just one of those little things that no one seems to notice but me, and it makes me happy.


3. Meal plan. When the kids are all sick and I’m not feeling good or out with a bad neck, it is so easy to just give up on cooking. I miss cooking. I miss home cooked meals. I miss cooking for my family.
4. Read together. Everyone has been going to bed early this week and at all different times. So no ready has been happening. I miss family reading. I miss the cuddles.
5. Start planning birthdays, and March Break. All 3 birthdays are coming up, not including my husbands, I guess I should plan for that one too!


6. Workout and eat healthy. I’m doing good on the eating healthy part. Working out has been hit and miss with my neck or totally modified. I want to workout and really give it my all again.
7. Find time for me. Such is life in motherhood land, when the kids need you, the chances of you getting a break are extremely low. I want to read, take a bubble bath, relax. I had a goal to read one real book in February, and I have yet to even start one! How sad is that?! Perhaps my goal should be at least to start one!
8. Stop biting my nails. Again. Seriously bad. I stop, they grow all nice, I use all the pretty nail polish in all the girly colours, and then I break a nail and its back to biting them all so that one broken nail won’t feel bad being all short and out of place. Its a bad cycle I go through.


9. Work. Actually work. I’m a stay at home mom, that is my first priority, and so when my kids are sick or need me they come first. Its that simple. Everything else, work, house work, all of that goes on the back burner. This week though, I need it. My soul needs it. I love to work. I love to create. It makes me happy.
10. Take chances. Push past my comfort zone.

What do you hope to accomplish this week?
My biggest hope for the week? Everyone gets/stays healthy!



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