An Extra Day. Extra Fun? Extra Work?

Hello New Day!
Hello New Week!
Hello New Adventure!


Today is February 29. Something that only happens once every 4 years. So do you take it as an extra day to have fun? To get work done? To accomplish something important? Is it a special day? Or just another day?

Honestly, right now, to me, it is just another day. Another day to love my kids, be with my kids, and just enjoy life and do what I do. It doesn’t really feel like an “extra day”. Maybe because it is Monday?! Who knows.

So last week was great. I did so much. I cooked awesome meals. I even started a book! For like a whole 5 minutes! I’m so proud of myself. I totally rocked last week. I did learn an important lesson last week; do not leave your child unattended with glue at your work desk! Seriously. I’m still peeling glue off my desk days later! And it wasn’t even my toddler that did it, I will just leave it at that.

My goals for this week are:


1. Clean and organize the front hall and the front hall closet. Wash all the winter coats. Get ready for spring! I may be getting ahead of the game here. But I want spring. I want to see flowers growing in my garden. I want to open my windows and not freeze.
2. Organize the toy room / my office. Again! I don’t mean just clean. I mean a huge overhaul of everything. This usually needs to get done every few months. Actually the last time it was done was in the summer. It needs to get done again. Badly.


3. Spend more time together. Talking. Doing crafts. Just being together. My kids are getting older, more and more things happening in their life, and I feel like its all passing by too fast and I’m scared I might miss something.
4. Speaking of kids growing up too fast, I need to hurry up and decide what they want to do for their birthdays! They are coming up way too fast!
5. Cook together. My son and I cooked a meal together this weekend and it was so much fun. He was so proud of himself after it was done. I love seeing that look on my kids faces, feeling proud and accomplished.


6. Read! It took me all month but I finally started a book! Now to actually finish the book before I forget the start of the book!
7. Workout and eat healthy. I have been doing so well the last 8 weeks, and the odd thing is I can feel myself wanting to give up. Ok, not give up, but take a break. And I have to fight that urge, because I have come to far and worked to hard to throw it all away.
8. Embrace what is. Whatever it is. Embrace it. The short workout, the bad workout, the 2 minutes to read inside of 5 minutes, the messy house with happy children. Embrace it all. Life is too short to stress so much.


9. Work! Create! Keep my passion alive!
10 Get out of my comfort zone! This is so SO SO hard to do! It is so scary. Just the thought of it scares me and makes me freeze up. I need to push beyond.

What do you hope to accomplish this week?

~ Michelle


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