How To Completely And Totally Ruin March Break

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


Last week was March Break. The coveted March Break. A week off from school, schedules, making lunches the night before, and having to get dressed in real clothes. I had so many glorious plans. So many. Instead it was completely and totally ruined.

My two boys were leaving with my parents for a week away. They were going to have so much fun. And this meant that I would have a week home with just my daughter. My sweet soon to be 2 year old. I had so many plans for us, crafts, art, girl time, maybe even painting her nails for the first time, playdates, trips to the park, projects around the house I wanted to do and work stuff to do. It was truly amazing what I had planned. Instead it was all ruined.

Let me explain how, and for that we have to go back to the week before March Break. In order to completely ruin a March Break just insert germs. The week before March Break was filled with all 3 of my kids getting sick. Because you know it just isn’t fair if only one or two kids got sick, all 3 had to join in. Temperatures up around 103 and puking, every where, all the time. I had alarms set every night that got me up every 90 minutes to check on the kids.
Now onto actually March Break. Two boys that are feeling better, thank God, and a little girl who can’t decided if she is still sick or not, and just for fun they decided to take me out.

For my week alone with my daughter, for all the plans I had made, all the crafts I had bought, I got to spend my week laying on the sofa sick unable to move or even pick up my daughter! For the first time ever I have actually had to call in help of other family members to help watch my girl.

As for my boys, they didn’t get to do much. They were feeling better but still were not at full energy level, they would go do one thing, and have to sleep right after. Thankfully they were never actually sick on the their trip, just tired.

And that is how you ruin March Break.

Now it is Monday again, the kids are back to school, my daughter is at full toddler destructor  level, and I am left still feeling weak and sick. Usually on Monday I have a whole To Do List, I make some goals, so I feel like I have some control over the week. Today my only goal is get better and get my energy level back to normal! And maybe just maybe find the time this week to do some of the things I planned for last week. Maybe.

How was your March Break?

~ Michelle


2 thoughts on “How To Completely And Totally Ruin March Break

  1. I know how you feel. My daughter started off the week with a sinus infection then got a stomach virus. She managed to pass that to the whole house. While she was back in destruction mode, everyone else was in recovery


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