Finding My Groove Again

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


I was really hoping that this morning I would wake up and be full of energy and motivation to kick this weeks ass. However, I am not. Last month was horrible, it was draining, and I am still trying to work my way out of the hole that was March. I am physically and mentally drained. I am buried under mountains of To-Do Lists, laundry piles, kitchen messes, and all around house mess. Usually I bounce back a lot quicker than this, but for whatever reason, maybe the gloomy weather is playing a part in all this, but this time I’m stuck.

Just because I am stuck doesn’t mean I don’t have the urge to get things done, I just don’t really have the motivation. So this week is all about getting back on top of things, finding myself, finding my groove again, and feeling happy.

My goals for the week to help me get back my groove!


1. Clean! Get back on a cleaning schedule so I don’t stand around overwhelmed by the disaster I call my house right now.
2. Always make sure the kitchen and living room are clean before bed! So much better to wake up in the morning and see that already clean to start the day!
3. Meal plan! Oh my, my poor meal planning skills have seemed to vanished lately.


4. Make sure the boys stay on top of cleaning their room and laundry! We need to work on getting dirty clothes actually into the hamper, not next to it! Yes, if they could do that it would be a big help!
5. Spend more time together one on one. March was such a giant disaster, and after all the sickness was gone we were so busy trying to get caught up on things, we haven’t really had time to sit and relax and just enjoy the company of each other.


6. Workout. I haven’t had the energy to actually do a full proper, push myself, intense workout in a while. I miss it. I need it. I need to get back to doing that again.
7. Stop trying to do everything all at once! This is a hard one, especially when there is SO much do to. I need to break it down and do things one at a time, one step at a time. And stop feeling so guilty for not doing all the things all the time. I hate mom guilt. It sucks.
8. Get proper rest. Nothing will get done properly if I don’t get proper sleep and rest. Why is it so hard to get proper sleep? You would think this would be a natural thing.


9. Set work hours. I did this once before and it actually helped, then I started slacking on it, then it all fell apart. I need to do this and actually stick with it!
10. Remember why I first started doing what I do, why I feel in love with it, and let all that inspire me again, and again and again and again.

What do you hope to accomplish this week? I hope that whatever path you take, whatever goals you set, that you have have a wonderful week!

~ Michelle


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