Creating My Own Sunshine!

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


Why does the weekend always pass by in what seems like the blink of an eye?! It is not fair. This weekend was wonderful. In what some would say true Canadian fashion, I enjoyed a beautiful spring walk by the lake as it snowed. It was a weird combination of beautiful and disturbing.

When I went to bed last night I was ready and fired up to take on this week. Then I woke up and I was greeted by a cold, gloomy, rainy Monday morning. It sucked the life right out of me. Now all I want to do is curl up with a good book or movie and a fluffy blanket, and then sleep.

This week the biggest thing I am hoping for is nice weather and sunshine. But since I can not control the weather, despite my trying, I will have to create my own sunshine.

My goals this week to create my own sunshine:


1. Create a chore chart, or sorts. I’m not exactly sure what I want or really need. I tried writing out lists of things to do every day, and things for the boys to do, but that didn’t really work. I need to figure out something that will work for us, and not seem so scary and overwhelming.
2. Organize the family calendars. There are a lot of different doctor appointments coming up, check ups, and such, and I’m having a hard time keeping track of all of them. You know its a busy week when you have to schedule time just to sit down to schedule your time.


3. Spend more time together being creative. This weekend I was painting with my toddler, when my boys asked me “when did we stop doing this together mom?” And it broke my heart. I had no answer for them. I want to get back to it, back to being creative with my kids, all my kids, not just having my big kids go off on their own and do something (which is great too)!
4. Start planning for summer. I always find having a list of things to do before a school holiday is the best way to cut down on the “I’m bored” complaining.


5. Do more yoga. Sounds simple right? Its more the issue of finding the time to do yoga. Lately when I workout I focus more on intense workouts, I miss the relaxation of yoga, the peacefulness of it.
6. Start each day by getting dressed. That sounds simple I know, but hear me out. I mean actually get dressed and do my hair, like not in comfy sweat pants or yoga pants. Actually dressed as if someone outside of my family would see me in public. (Who am I kidding, I wear my yoga pants every where!)
7. Start the day with happy thoughts. Anything from being serious, to just random thoughts that make me happy. Like about cute little bunnies or kittens, they make me happy.


8. Organize – my thoughts, workspace and products. I’ve had so many new items made lately and newer items in the works. Its getting a little crazy around here.
9. Write up a plan. I have so many things in the works now and new things I want to work on soon, and things that will take a bit longer to accomplish. I need a game plan.
10. Keep pushing past my comfort zone! 

What do you hope to accomplish this week? I hope you can create your own sunshine!

~ Michelle




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