This Week Is Mine

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


I woke up this morning with a giant knot in my back, sore neck, and grey cold skies. I’m not all that impressed to be honest. I just want to crawl back into bed with a heating pack and fuzzy blanket and sleep till its a sun shiny day. But life doesn’t really work that way, does it?

The weather has such an impact on my moods. I try to not let it, but sometimes I just can’t fight it. Today is one of those days. Today everything takes extra effort. Things I would normally enjoy doing, take extra effort. By the end of the day I will be so worn out, I won’t really fall asleep tonight, it will be more like passing out.

One thing I know for sure about today, it will contain a lot of caffeine in various forms. Mostly coffee. Lots of coffee.

My goals for the week.


1. Clean toy room and living room. Re-organize it all. I guess since it is spring now you could call it Spring cleaning.
2. MEAL PLAN! So much bad food lately. Too much pizza. I am actually sick of pizza, if thats possible!
3. Put away the remaining winter gear. Random hats and mitts that seem to keep popping up.


4. Figure out a chore chart that works for my family. It is not as easy as it sounds! Maybe I am just super picky, or a control freak, I don’t know. I just can’t seem to find something that speaks to me.
5. Come up with summer plan ideas. Day trips. Fun activities to do. Things to keep us busy. Basically anything that will stop the “I’m bored” complaining.
6. Read. Something so simple, yet never seems to get done. We have been so busy lately that we haven’t been able to take the time to sit down and read together. Which really needs to happen. Our lack of reading hasn’t stopped the boys from creating a list of books they want to read together with me.


7. Know that I am enough. Know that I am doing my best. Know that it is ok to take a break, to do something for me. Some days are harder than others. Its a hard lesson to learn, and accept, truly accept. Especially the doing something for myself part.
8. Workout. I am been slacking so much lately. Its sad. It needs to stop.


9. Organize my desk/office. Come up with a work schedule. 
10. Keep pushing forward and follow my dreams! 

What do you hope to accomplish this week? I would love to hear your plans on how you plan to rock this week!



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