Recovery Time Is Over

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


Its been over two weeks since I had surgery. Which means I can start easing my way into working out. I can not tell you how excited I am about this! I have missed working out so much. I have missed my workouts so much. I need them so much. They help me, not just to feel better physically, but emotionally. I am always in such a better mood after. Which is good news for everyone. The real challenge now will be taking it easy and not jumping in the deep end right away and over doing it.

After two weeks of taking it easy not just in the fitness department, but in every department really, I am looking forward to not feeling like such a lazy butt. Dare I say, I am looking forward to cleaning?! Crazy, I know!

I am also looking forward to working again. Working on my blog, working on my business. To be able to put all the ideas I have had over the last 2 weeks into something I can show all of you.

This week I have goals. This simple thing also makes me happy and excites me! I can do things again!


1. Clean up! My husband and kids have been great about helping out and cleaning up around here, but it needs a mothers touch.
2. Meal plan. Meals that don’t involve the oven. Now that summer temperatures are here, I don’t need to turn our kitchen – our house- into a sauna while cooking.


3. Spend more time outside together. Unplug and play.
4. Go to the beach more often.


5. Workout. Slowly. But surely workout again.
6. Read. I started a book, I think back in February, or March. Either way I would really like to finish it.
7. Make plans and finish plans. Birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, sports, trips, summer outings. So much planning to do. So little time.


8. Clean and organize my desk. Since taking some time off my kids have used my desk as a dumping ground for all things not related to my work.
9. Get caught up on my photos.
10. Bring things into reality.

What do you hope to accomplish this week?

~ Michelle



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