Taco Pasta Salad

I made this one night when I was making dinner for my family and realized I didn’t have anything to eat, as I am a vegetarian. So I quickly threw this meal together with what I had on hand in my kitchen.

What you will need:

Noodles – 1 and half cups
Tomatoes – 1
Onions – 1
Salsa – 1 cup or more if you like more
Ranch Salad Dressing – half cup
Taco Seasoning – 1 packet
Cheese – however much you like
Nachos – however much you like
Beans – 1 can
Corn – 1 and half cups
Lemon or Lime  – 1

First boil the noodles. I used one and a half cups.


While noodles are cooking prep the corn (1 and half cups), and beans ( I used half a tin of black beans and red kidney beans), and cut up the onion, and tomato.


For the “sauce” I used half a cup of Kraft Ranch dressing, a whole lemon squeezed and a packet of taco season. Mix together until no seasoning is completely mixed in.

Drain the noodles. Mix everything together. And then I added in a cup of salsa.


Cool in fridge.

When ready to serve grate up cheese to desired amount and crush up nacho chips to add on top.



~ Michelle


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