Motherhood Has Taught Me How To Have A Good Time

There are some things I took for granted before I had kids. There for some things that I just thought were down right boring. Sometimes both of these ideas were for the same thing. Now I am a mom. I have three beautiful children. My toddler, the smallest has enough energy for 10 toddlers and hates sleep. And my two boys, they think its cool when they wake up before the sun. Oh the fun we have around here!

Blame it on being in my 30s now. Blame it on motherhood. Blame it on being completely worn out that my body screams in pain some days. But there are now things in my life that I absolutely love, that my previous self found down right boring.

So here is a list of things that I find totally lovely and wonderful. I would love to experience any one of these things on any given day.

1. Being able to drink a full cup of tea/coffee in one sitting while it is still hot.

2. Eating a meal without getting up, breaking up a sibling argument or being grossed out by the conversation my boys have. Seriously some things just do not need to be talked about during dinner.

3. Having a shower alone. Or even better yet a bath. Especially during school holidays I would really like that time alone.

4. That extremely rare feeling when ALL the laundry is done. Like I said it is extremely rare and only lasts about three seconds. Cherish it when it happens!

5. Going to bed early, bonus points if I am alone. Which now that I have a toddler that co-sleeps… that would be a never one this.

6. The ability to watch a whole movie in one sitting. Seriously. I miss this. It now takes me about 3-4 nights to watch a movie. Especially if the movie can’t be watched around children.

7. Working out. Oh how I used to take the fact that I could workout without being interrupted for granted. Or even have the time for it without having to put something else off till later.

8. Going to the store alone and getting items that were needed and without a meltdown from someone (sometimes even me!). Especially grocery shopping. Never, EVER, take three kids to the grocery store when they are hungry. Especially a toddler. Nightmare.

9. Talking to another adult without having to spell out words or read lips. Seriously. Simple conversation.

10. Talking on the phone. Ok, this one I can do without, I don’t actually like talking on the phone. In fact I hate it. But sometimes it has to get done, like calling doctors offices and such. Somehow my kids always time their meltdowns or fights for the exact moment that I get on the phone.

11. Eating candy / ice cream without sharing. Seriously. Its MY chocolate bar!

12. Having an afternoon nap. Or sleeping in. Or sleeping all night. I miss sleep.

13. Reading a book. Within a decent amount of time so I don’t have to go back and restart it because I forgot the beginning already.

Any one of these things would make me super happy. Combine a couple of them and I would be on cloud nine.

What things do you find totally enjoyable that others may find boring?

~ Michelle


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