Working At Home

I work at home. I consider myself a stay at home mom first and foremost. I try to work when I can, which can sometimes be a struggle. Today I am sharing with you a glimpse into my every day crazy, my every day life.

This is what my floor looks like at any given time. This is what happens when your “Office” is in the same room as the toys. This is how I get work done with the kids around.

This is what my desk looks like on any given day, coffee for sure is always there, product for Sugarplum And Applesauce is there, and necklaces for Inspired For Five are always in the works, my day timer is always within arms reach!

Do you work from home? I would love to see what your space looks like! Share in the comments!

~ Michelle


3 thoughts on “Working At Home

  1. Michelle,

    That’s wonderful you can work from home and take care of your kids. I was fortunate to be a SAHM when our kids were young but I didn’t have an income source and now that we’ve been empty-nesters I am still at home. It would be awesome if I could figure out a way to earn money from home. At my age, I consider myself unemployable. I could work in retail but that’s not me. Before motherhood, I have an associate degree in business data processing and I worked as a data processing supervisor when I took early retirement. Let’s face it, I’m 55 and haven’t worked outside the house in 29 years. People in the workplace can’t appreciate the value that someone like me would be their business. My work area is nothing to get excited about and it is a horrible mess. So, I’m saving myself a little embarrassment in sharing any photo ops at this time. lol Thanks for popping in for a visit my not-so Wordless Wednesday A Single Cardinal post!


    • Cathy, I haven’t worked outside the home since I got pregnant with my son. I’m just trying to do what I can to contribute to the family. Its a slow go with the kids home, they come first, but soon my youngest will be in school full time, and then it will be a totally different story. It will be the first time in over 11 years that I won’t have a child home with me all day. I’m just will be weird at first!
      Hope you find your path! And I’m sure those work places are missing out on having you.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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