Cotton Ball Snowflake Craft

My toddler loves crafts. We try to do something every day. So naturally with winter upon us and Christmas quickly coming up we decided to do some snowflake crafts.
We did an easy and fun cotton ball craft.

Here is what you will need:

Cotton Balls
Optional: You can either just simply spread the glue on, or use a paint brush. In that case you will need a bowl and paint brush.

Next draw out your design with glue.


Next fill in with cotton balls. My daughter thought this was funny and so much fun. After she had to squish some of the cotton balls and throw them around the kitchen.


And done!
It’s that simple!

After we finished the snowflake she ran to the living room pointing at my snowman decoration. So we attempted to make a snowman after. It pretty much turned out like a lump of cotton balls on the paper, but she had fun, and that is what matters.

So here is our lump of cotton balls, I mean snowman!


Hope you and your little ones have as much fun as my toddler and I had making these fun cotton ball crafts!

~ Michelle



Keeping My Toddler Busy

I love play time with my daughter. But sometimes she doesn’t want to play with her toys, or read books.
I found this great activity for her. She loves it. It is fun. Best of all, it does not take any batteries!


Who would have thought that a strainer and pipe cleaners could be so fun?!

~ Michelle

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Make Your Own Rain Cloud

This is a favourite activity of the kids. They love doing this. This is fun and can be an educational activity. While doing this talk about storms, what happens during storms, different types of storms, what to do in case of emergency during a bad storm, types of clouds, the list goes on.

So let’s get started.

What you will need:

– Clear Jar or Vase
– Water
– Food Colouring
– Shaving Cream


What To Do:

Start by filling the jar or vase with water. About 3/4 full.


Then top off with a ‘cloud’- shaving cream.
At this point if your kids are into weather like my boys you can talk about how the sun heats up water on earth and it evaporates, forms clouds, different types of clouds, when they are ready to rain.


Then you can start putting drops of food colouring on top of the shaving cream and wait for it to “rain”.

raincloud6 raincloud5

raincloud10 raincloud12 raincloud13

If your kids are anything like mine, they will not be happy with only using one color! They must use any and all colors that they can! “More colors makes it more beautiful”, or so say my kids!

raincloud15 raincloud19 raincloud20 raincloud22 raincloud29

So many colors! So much “rain”.
Apparently the darker colors were “very bad storms”, where has the plain blue was just “a light rain shower”. I love my kids!

Here is a little bonus with all the colors on the shaving cream. Take a toothpick and gently swirl it around.

raincloud31 raincloud32

And you are done!

This is an activity we have done over and over and the boys love it just as much every time, and now my toddler loves to watch as well.

Enjoy the rain!

~ Michelle

Pumpkin Decorating without carving! Melted Crayon Art and Painting!

How do you decorate your pumpkins? Do you carve? Paint?
This is what we do. The no carve pumpkin decorating way.

My youngest son does not like to carve pumpkins. In fact he hates it. He can not stand it. And he will not touch the inside to clean it out.
So this year for him we decided to try out two different ways to decorate his pumpkins. He loves to paint and was waiting for his chance to do some melted crayon art after his brother got to do craft recently. So after some thought and time on Google we came up with a couple of ideas.
1. Melted Crayon Art on the Pumpkin.
2. Painting the Pumpkin.

Here is the how to on both.

How to do Melted Crayon Art on the Pumpkin.

First you need a pumpkin, crayons, and a hair dryer.


Next peal the crayons and break them in half.


After you have broken the crayons in half, it is time to put them on the pumpkin. Some people use glue to get them to stick, others melt them a little bit with lighter to get them to stick. We ended up using a hot glue gun.


I attempted to get some bright colors in there (and pink!), however I was told that its Halloween and pumpkins don’t need to be bright and colorful, or pink!
Be careful when starting to melt them, the crayon can, and probably will splatter.
It will also start to peel away at the bottom of the pumpkin. After we were done we went back and heated that part up trying to get it to stick back down.

You may want to add more crayons depending on the look you are going for. With the boys in charge there is no question about it, more crayons had to be added!
Continue to melt until you get a look you are happy with.



And it is done!

Our Melted Crayon Art Pumpkin!

Next up, our Painted Pumpkin!

How to decorate your Pumpkin with Paint.

First you need a pumpkin and paint!
(Check out your local dollar store for craft paint!)


Next, start dripping paint on top and watch it slide down.

halloween5 halloween6

The boys did not want to stop until the whole thing was covered. They had such a blast! They loved doing this!

halloween7 halloween8 halloween11

Almost done, just one more thing. Glitter!


And done!

Let them dry and enjoy!


Happy Halloween!

~ Michelle

Monster Pudding Cups

This was a favourite craft/activity of the kids. Mostly because they could eat it after! But also because with little help of actually making the pudding, they pretty much can do this on their own. They decorated the cups all on their own. They poured in the pudding. They crushed the Oreo Cookies. Pretty much all I did was dance around the kitchen with my daughter while they worked away happily on this.

So here is what you need to make your own Monster Pudding.


Pudding (Vanilla so you can use Green Food Coloring in it)
Food Coloring
Plastic Cups
Oreo Cookies

Something to mix the pudding in.

After you have made the pudding, and let the kids decorate their cups, and let them crush up a bunch of Oreo Cookies (of course after testing some to make sure they are good), turn your pudding green (or any other color you would like, and place in cups. Top off with crushed up Oreo Cookies.
For an added bonus you can add gummy worms to the top.


Eat and Enjoy!


DIY What To Do With Empty Snack Containers


Do you have a little one? Then you will probably end up with one or two of these.

Ever wonder what you can do with those empty snack containers?

There are plenty of things you can do to reuse them. And I will even show you a few ideas.

1. First idea is pretty simple, reuse them for other snacks.


You can fill them other snacks for your toddler for when you are out. Or they are good for snacks for older children too. I’ve filled some up with popcorn and trail mix and such.

2. Do you have any scrap fabric? Fill them up with scrap fabric and your little one will have a new toy to play with.


My daughter loves emptying out my scrap fabric stash or tissue boxes, so this gives her the freedom to do so without creating a huge mess. It keeps her busy, and it is easy to clean up.

3. Craft supplies. Your own, or your children’s.

IMG_0315 IMG_0318

These containers are great for many different craft supplies. Paint brushes, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks and more.

You can even decorate them and use them on your desk.

These little containers can be so useful and leave so much to the imagination.

~ Michelle