Gilmore Girls Workout Plan

I love Gilmore Girls. I have watched it many many times thanks to Netflix, including the new episodes. I love it all. I want more. But lets face it, I can’t just sit and watch it over and over again laying there. Ok, I can, but I shouldn’t. So I decided to put together a little Gilmore Girls Workout Plan to ease off the guilt and laziness of watching it so much.

Join in the fun!

Someone Drinks / Talks About Coffee – 10 Squats
Book / Movie reference – 10 Crunches
Rory Reading – 10 Pushups
Luke and Taylor fight – 30 second plank
Friday Night Dinners – 15 Mountain Climbers
Sookie Cooking – 20 Lunges
In Lukes Diner – 20 Lunges
Town Meeting – 15 Mountain Climbers
Lane doing something her mom does not approve of – 10 Push Ups
Luke and Lorelai together in a scene – 15 Squats
Rory at school / college – 30 Second Plank
Someone is on the phone – 10 Squats
Kirk, because I love Kirk, any time he’s in a scene – 10 Crunches

Can you make it through an episode?

Happy watching!

~ Michelle


March Workout Schedule

I can’t believe it is March already!

If you haven’t been following me on Instagram you should! I started on a Fitness/ Healthy Life Style Journey on January 1st! It has been such an adventure so far! Very excited to see where this leads!

Here is my March Workout Schedule!


Do you have any fitness/ workout goals? I would love to hear about them!

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~ Michelle

Embracing What Is.

There is something I need to come to terms with; that my workouts and eating habits are not always perfect.


When I workout, I have the mindset that I have to “go big or go home”. I have to be able to put 100% into it or it is not… well it is not worth it. This is my biggest problem when I have tried to lose weight in the past and workout. If I don’t feel my best, if the kids are around, if I’m busy, well I just give up and skip it. A crap workout isn’t worth it.

How wrong have I been?!

I’m a stay at home mom. I always have 1-3 kids around me. I am never alone. I am busy, I have a house to take care of, a family to feed, a business to run, a blog to write, a life to live. I will probably never get a “perfect workout”. And that is totally ok.

It is ok when I have to push pause to change a diaper or get someone a snack or drink, it is ok when I don’t feel good and complete a workout, it is even ok when I don’t / can’t give it my 100%, or if I even skip a workout.

Do you know what does matter? That I get up and try. That I give it the best I can in the moment, even if that moment doesn’t last the whole workout dvd.

I have “mom workouts’. My focus isn’t 100% on the workout, but I am still getting up and moving, I am still being active, I am still being healthy, and I am still setting a good example for my kids.

I’ve let go of what I think my workouts should be and embraced what they are. And I am better off for it.

January 1st I started on this journey (yes I know, I’m one of those people that had to wait for January 1st to start something), I made this journey my own! I made up my own Workout Schedule, I didn’t follow what the dvd’s recommend, I did it on my own, the way I wanted, I embraced the good workouts along with the bad. And because of all this I have never felt so good! For the first time I am actually losing weight. I feel better. My clothes fit better. I sleep better (when my daughter gives me the chance). I have less headaches. I’m eating healthy. Most of the time.

When it came to eating healthy I had to take the same approach as my workouts. Take the bad with the good. The apple with the chocolate, the soup and a bowl of chips. I had to let go of the idea of perfection. I eat healthy, but I also eat some not so healthy things. I allow myself to snack and don’t feel guilty about it.

I am embracing what is, and my “mom workouts’ and random snacks, and I am feeling better and better every day.

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~ Michelle

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Let me be completely honest for a minute here.

I need to learn to love my body.

I am fully aware of how amazing my body is that it was able to carry 4 beautiful babies to full term. And it is not my stretch marks that I worry about. It just over all my body, the extra weight here and there. But it is so much more than just physical, it is also emotional.

So I have decided to do something about it, for me and for my kids. I don’t want my kids to grow up in a house where their mother is not comfortable in her own body.

So here is what I want to do, I want to feel good, physically and emotionally. I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I don’t want any of my kids to deal with the issues and problems that I have dealt with. You see, I have never really been comfortable in my own skin. When I was a teenager I suffered with eating disorders. And I never want my children to suffer that pain and heartache. I want them to look in the mirror and feel proud and happy, not ashamed and sad. I want them to be proud to look in a mirror, not hide from them. And part of them being able to do that is for them to see me be able to do that.

I love fitness, I love salads. But here is the problem. I fall off the bandwagon. I stop working out and I stress eat, which then makes me feel worse and I eat more junk. It’s a gross circle. A circle that I am going to break.

So from now on Fridays will be Fitness Friday. I will focus on my body and mind and all things healthy and good. Fridays will be a time to reflect my weeks healthy journey, my workouts and healthy eating. But it’s not just my body that I need to work on, it is my mind. I can work out till I can’t move, but unless my mind is in a good place it won’t matter.

So here is how this week went. I worked out, I’ve been walking in the morning and the afternoon and doing Zumba as well. My kids love a good dance party, and I get a workout, everyone is happy after, it is a win-win for everyone. I have been eating more salads, and snacking less. I have started to journal again, which has really helped me work out my thoughts and clear my head. Overall I have noticed a small change in my moods, which is good. It has been a hard emotional summer, and I am finally feeling like my motivation is coming back.

This up coming week my plan is to continue eating healthy. Cooking all meals at home. Drink more water. Workout more, do something active every day. Journal every night before bed to help clear my mind and prepare for the next day.

I would love to know what your favourite workouts and healthy meals are! Please share with me!

~ Michelle