June Bug

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Month.
Hello New Adventure!


So far I feel like I am totally winning at this whole Monday and adulting thing. But a part of me fears it may be setting me up for complete failure for this week! This morning I got up early, which for me is a giant thing, I love what little sleep I get, I got all three kids up, feed, lunches made and walked to school all with time to spare before school for some play time. Lets hope I can keep this up throughout the week.

This week will be crazy. I have two parties that I am planning, a 40th Anniversary celebration for my parents. 40 years! So crazy! My parents are so awesome. And here I thought my time with my husband was impressive when we had our anniversary last month. This week will consist of making decorations and planning and finalizing the meal. And everything needs to be done early because my son has an all weekend sporting event. My mother has been known to read my blog, so that is all I will be saying on the matter of her anniversary.

I also need to plan for a weekend away with my husband coming up, fathers day, and my little guys birthday.

Basically there is a lot coming up and I have a lot of planning and doing to do this week! So I will have to be extra organized and make sure all my plans are in order and all my goals for the week. Can’t have all work and no play. Right?

So my goals for the week are:


1. Have the house clean and organized for this weekend of busy sports and anniversary celebrating!
2. Meal plan and stick to it. Find more meals I can cook in the crockpot that are always kid friendly! (And easy!)


3. Help the kids as they get used to their new chores chart. Yes, I finally made one and I love it. The kids… no so much.
4. Read together. This comes and goes. Sometimes we read together every day for weeks on end, and then they go off and read on their own, and I miss them. I miss the cuddles and experiencing a book with them, it is almost as good as reading a really good book for the first time.


5. Get all my to-do lists in order and plans finalized so I can be ready for this weekend!
6. Workout. Working out is a must for me, for my energy level, and my happiness level!
7. Take a chance to relax. I don’t want to be to worn out to enjoy the weekend adventures!


8. Clean up and organize my desk/office. My kids have overrun my area with toys.
9. Organize all my ideas! I have SO many ideas in the works, and I keep coming up with more and more before I can actually do anything with the first ideas. I can’t do it all at the same time, I need to organize!
10. Keep on dream! Get out of my comfort zone!

This week is going to be busy. So lets get started!
What do you hope to accomplish this week?!

~ Michelle




The Last First Birthday

The day has finally come and gone. The last first birthday. It was a fabulous day. It was filled with love, laughter, family, and great memories were made. But it was also a sad day for me. The last first birthday I will get to have as a mother.


When my husband and I celebrated our sons first birthday we were filled with joy and excitement. It was such a happy time. Our son was 1 and a month later he would be getting a baby brother. We had made it through our first year of parenting and we survived. I felt such pride and happiness, I was a little sad that my baby boy as growing up so fast, but I knew this would not be our last baby, so I took comfort in knowing I would be experiencing the baby stage all over again.

When our second son turned 1, again I was happy. Not as happy, there was a little bit of sadness there, but I was still happy. The option was open to have another one, I just didn’t know when or for sure if we would. So there was a little bit of a cloud following me around that day.

Now our daughter has turned one. And this is the last time I will be able to throw a first birthday for one of my children. And that stings. In the pit of my stomach there is an uneasy feeling there. Lurking below, behind the smiles, there were tears. Behind my happiness and joy, there was a pain. Behind my feeling of pride, there was longing.

Let me try to explain why.

I can not even explain how fast this year has gone by. I feel that is has passed by so quickly that I have been ripped off of the newborn baby stage. I swear weeks, if not months, are missing. Something must have happened, a time-warp, worm hole, something!

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching my children grow. I want them to grow up to be strong, independent, confident adults, and I can not wait to see that, but at the same time, I want them to stay small and innocent, for just a little longer. The baby stage and childhood pass by far too quickly. There are not enough hours in the day for all the cuddles and fun times I want to spend with my children.

I love my children so much. I love watching them learn. I love watching them grow. But does the growing up part have to happen so fast?

~ Michelle