Paint Chip Easter Egg Garland

I love crafts that I can do with the kids, and that the kids actually get excited about doing.We decided that we need to decorate for Easter. Last year we made this and the kids loved it, so of course this year we had to do it again!

Its an Easter Egg Garland!

What you will need for this:

– Paint chip samples
– Scissors
– Pencil for tracing
– String or ribbon
– Tape, glue, or a hole punch for ribbion


The kids traced out egg shapes and cut out their own shapes.
I love that the kids are old enough to do most crafts completely on their own. Well my daughter isn’t, yet. But she enjoys crafts just as much as her big brothers.


Either glue string on, tape it on, or use a whole punch on the paper eggs and put the string through.

Hang it up and enjoy!


Happy crafting!

~ Michelle


Paper Carrots For Easter

My kids love crafts. My boys have always loved crafts and now they have so much fun because of their little sister.

So apparently we had to make some carrots, because they go with Easter, because of the Easter Bunny I guess.

So here is how we made some pretty awesome paper carrots!

You will need some paper, stapler, and paper cutter.


We cut strips 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches wide.


And fold to get the carrot shape you want. Staple on green, and you can cut the ends if you like.

And done!


Blurry photo in thanks to some very excited kids trying to practice their photography skills!

Happy crafting!

~ Michelle

Rainbow Easter Eggs

Every Easter my kids look forward to dying the Easter Eggs.

We have always done it the same way, bowls of water and food coloring. It is usually messy, but still so much fun.

This year I thought we would try it a different way. Maybe with very little to no mess! Cut out the water all together. We decided to go with Rainbow Easter Eggs.

Here is what you will need:

-Hard boiled Eggs
-Ziploc Bags
-Food Coloring
– A place to dry the eggs


First you will need to hard boil the eggs. When finished cooking let them cool down and dry.

Then you will place an egg in a Ziploc bag and add 2-3 drops of different food coloring onto the egg. (Or a lot of drops if you let the kids do it on their own!) We only used one Ziploc Bag and washed it out after each egg.


Then comes the part the kids liked to call the “squishy” part. Let the kids rub the egg around in the bag until covered in food coloring. (Adding more colors if needed)

Next let them dry. If you have extra food coloring dripping off the egg simply wipe it off with a paper tower.

I made the egg holders myself with strips of paper, quick and easy to do. Cut a strip of paper, form a circle, cut on side and slide it together.


And there you have it! You are done!
Find a nice place to display the kids new art work.
You can even use them as a pretty centre piece on the table for Easter dinner!


Happy decorating!


Chocolate Hang Over

Easter has come and gone. The chocolate bunnies have been eaten.


Now its time to work through the post-holiday hang over.

Oh to be a child again during the holidays. To just sit back and have the magic happen. Instead of being an adult and making the magic happen.
You never realize as a child how much work goes into a holiday. The planning, the cleaning, the prep, the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning again, planning again when something doesn’t work out, more cleaning.

I love holidays. I love family time. But they can honestly be draining both physically and even emotionally.
The boys are back to school today after 4 days home, yet evidence of their play is still laying all around the house. There are still dishes that need to be cleaned, toys that need to be cleaned up, floors that need to be mopped again, and the post chocolate stomach ache still lingers. Why must chocolate taste so good? I didn’t set out eat a lot, I was only testing it to make sure it was safe for the kids. I did it all for the kids.

How do you bounce back after a holiday? Have a day to recover? Jump right in and start cleaning? Do a little detox?

I think my goal for today is take start off with Green Tea, a fruit smoothie, and then tackle one room at a time.

~ Michelle

Happy Easter


It is just about Easter long weekend. Which means a few things, like I need to clean the house because the boys are home for four days, so basically I clean the house so they can trash it. Nothing like a clean slate to work with, right? It also means my husband will actually be home and we will have family time. It also means I get to enjoy my favourite part of Easter, the Easter Egg Hunt. I love watching my boys run around the backyard like crazy looking for Easter Eggs. I can not wait till my daughter is old enough to join in the fun.
Happy Easter!
Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, hope it is filled with family, love, laughter and joy.

~ Michelle