Lets Get Organized

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.
Hello Summer Vacation!


Well it is finally here! The last week of school! I’m so excited for this summer. Last summer I couldn’t do much since I was recovering from a c-section and had my new-born daughter to care for. But this summer, this summer is going to be awesome. My daughter is on the move, walk and loves to explore and play outside. The thoughts of warm summer days outside in the sunshine while the kids play just sound so blissful.

So here are my goals for this last week of school.


1. Come up with a plan for summer! Make a bucket list. Have pre-planned activities.
2. Go through all the school they have brought home over the school year and sort it out.
3. Meal plan!


4. Get organized. Because naturally when busy getting ready for summer I decide to take on another project.
5. Workout. Must workout. 4-5 times. I always feel better after working out, my happy level is off the charts after working out.
6. Read! Enjoy the last few quiet moments while the boys are at school!


7. Keep the house clean! Set a timer before bed for 15 minutes and have everyone help tidy up.
8. Set up a chores chart for the kids for the summer.


9. Get organized. This goes in part with the personal goal I have. I need to get organized in all aspects of my life.
10. Learn to take more risks.

So as you can see my goal for this week is to get Organized! How do you stay organized? Do you write lists every day? Have a binder of some sort? Have lists up and printed and put up in the house? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

How do you get ready for Summer Vacation with your kids? 
Do you have any goals for this week? 

~ Michelle