Paper Carrots For Easter

My kids love crafts. My boys have always loved crafts and now they have so much fun because of their little sister.

So apparently we had to make some carrots, because they go with Easter, because of the Easter Bunny I guess.

So here is how we made some pretty awesome paper carrots!

You will need some paper, stapler, and paper cutter.


We cut strips 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches wide.


And fold to get the carrot shape you want. Staple on green, and you can cut the ends if you like.

And done!


Blurry photo in thanks to some very excited kids trying to practice their photography skills!

Happy crafting!

~ Michelle

What Does It Mean To Be Productive?

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


The sun is shining. The windows are open. Oh how I have longed for this day! Despite my best efforts the weather plays a big part into my moods. The fresh air is very much needed right now. Now if only I can tear myself away from the singing birds long enough to actually do something productive.

But really what does it mean to be productive? Are you only productive if your house is spotless, everything is cleaned, washed, put away? Are you only productive if you go to work every day? Is it strictly based on what others can see? Can you only really be productive if your actions can some how be measured? Who decides what is productive?

What does it mean to you to be productive?

This past weekend I sat outside in the warmth of the sun. I listened to the birds. I played outside with the kids. I watched the kids play in awe of how much they have changed since last year. I did a lot of sitting outside. Just being in the moment. My house didn’t get cleaned. Laundry is way behind now. My living room looks like some supernatural event happened.

So did I have a productive weekend? What do you think? My answer; Yes. Yes I did.

I did what I needed to do. I did what my heart and soul needed. I was in the moment. I relaxed. I watched my kids. I played with my kids. This is what I needed to do. For my own mental health, my psychical health, I needed a break. I needed to be in the moment. I needed to laugh. I needed to feel the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair.

If you looked at the state of my house you would not think it was a very productive weekend. If you looked at me you would know it was.

As far as house chores go, I am behind. In terms of my spirit, I am ahead of the game! I am refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on this week. I am in much better shape to handle this week than if I had been inside cleaning all weekend.

So Monday, this week, bring it! I’m ready for you! Right after I finish my coffee and listening to do the birds sing, then I will get up and rock this thing!

~ Michelle


Reindeer Food

Every year we make Reindeer Food. Every year on Christmas Eve before the kids go to bed they go outside to spread out the food. They leave it all over the yard, just to make sure the Reindeer find it! They love this tradition. It is so much fun.


Here is our recipe for (super special, super magical) Reindeer Food.

What you will need:

Bird Seed
Coloured Sugar (A whole mix of colours, or just red and green)
Little Plastic Bags


We get a bag of bird seed and coloured sugar from Bulk Barn. That way you can decide how much of each item you need.

Next pour your sugar into the bag with the bird seed and mix together.


Make sure you have your bags ready, we make one bag for each child. Pour in the amount you want in each bag.


Wait for Christmas Eve and go out side and sprinkle the special treat on your lawn.


~ Michelle

A Weekend Of Gilmore Girls And Christmas Lights

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


I’m in a weekend hangover / Gilmore Girls hangover this morning. Oh Gilmore Girls, how you mess with my emotions! I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I felt about it, so much of it bugged me, but over all I loved it. I have always wanted to live in Stars Hollow. Seriously, I have always thought it was the best little town ever. Oh! Kirk and his pet pig! Loved it!

Back to reality.

This weekend besides obsessing over Gilmore Girls, we took a wonderful last minute crazy drive down to Niagara Falls on Saturday night. We looked at the Christmas lights, it was our first time going there with our daughter. We used to do it every single year but we missed out on the last 3 years. I cried when my toddler declared “Mama! I love this! I love the lights!” Her excitement, oh man, it was just what my heart needed. Everyone in the car totally fed off of her enjoyment! It was magical. However the drive straight back home was a bit much. Sunday I was so tired. Clearly I am getting too old for these kind of adventures.

Speaking of Sunday. Our Sunday was filled with Christmas movies and finishing up the Christmas decorations outside! It was wonderful. Perfect family day. Till my husband showed just how much faith he has in me. I dragged him out to the store real quick, I wanted some plants to put on the windowsill in the kitchen. I picked out two of the cutest little plants (yes plants can be cute) and my husband declared “How about you just get one, and see how that goes.” As if I will make the plant burst into flames or instantly die as soon as I bring it in the house. Day 1 with plant, and it is still alive and not burnt. Just so you know.

Today I am ready to take on the week. I worked out this morning. I cleaned up, I organized. I dreamed big. And now my toddler is completely trashing my house, or as she says she’s “showing off her toys”. Now to clean up again, and then again, and maybe some more after that.

I started out the day wanting to write out some goals. Then I sat down to to do it, and I just wasn’t feeling it. I really have to be in the right mood for it, or there is no point. Today I am running on pure determination and sugar and caffeine. Lots of caffeine.

So now to take on the rest of the week, and to keep my plant alive!

~ Michelle



Lets Have Some Fun

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


Usually a Monday holds equal parts frustration and hope for me. A new start, a new week, new possibilities, mixed in with the stress that is always there on a Monday, no matter how much planning and prep I do.
But today, there is not much of anything. My mood seems to be matching the same greyness that is outside right now.

Usually I separate my goals, organize them. This week I want to beat the grey funk that is covering me. So I am going to do a little something different with my goals this week. They won’t be in categories, and they aren’t going to be so much about getting work done. Everyone needs time for play, and I dedicate this week to fun.

Fun Goals for the week;

1. Have at least one dance party a day with the kids.
2. Finish the book I am reading with the boys. 2 more chapters!
3. Paint my nails, some pretty bright colours!
4. Have a bubble bath!
5. Watch a sappy movie, where they play music that has nothing to do with the movie and everyone gets a happy ending.
6. Go to bed before 11pm. Totally crazy! Not sure I can pull this off.
7. Play a card game. And fingers crossed I can actually win, or at the very least not get beat that badly by the kids!
8. Have a family movie night, complete with yummy snacks and lots of cuddles.
9. Go out and buy some new scented candles.
10. Color and/or craft with the kids, but also on my own. Alone time to get creative is always needed.

How do you plan on having fun this week?

~ Michelle

Hello Summer

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.
Hello Summer Vacation.


It’s the first Monday of summer vacation, first full week of summer fun.

I would really love to say that I have a whole whack load of plans, that I have so many goals to accomplish, that I’m all put together, that I’m totally on top of things, that I’m fully and completely organized. But I’m not any of those things, at least not today.

This week is all about summer fun. It is about letting go and enjoying the ride. It is about letting the kids be kids. It is about taking in the little things. It is about family time together. It is about endless hours of silly conversations and laughter. It is about just being together.

I want to enjoy time with the kids without an agenda and schedule. I want to enjoy the sunshine without checking my watch to see what time it is. I want to enjoy playing outside without putting a timer to it. I want to enjoy seeing my kids use their imaginations without having to stop them. I want to enjoy the freedom of being home with my 3 kids.

There will be time for schedules next week. This week is for fun.

What are you doing to celebrate the first week of Summer Vacation? 

~ Michelle