Spring Time Garden

I’m not one for gardening. I hate it. I tend to kill plants. Its one of my special talents. So when I manage to keep something alive, it is very exciting for me. I was out in the backyard all weekend with the kids when I noticed new life growing.

Another reason I love spring, besides the end of winter, is watching new life grow.

Here are a couple photos I took, so I can share with you all, and prove that I haven’t killed my plants. (Yet, well at least not all of them!)

My lilac tree survived the winter (and me!). I can’t wait for these to fully bloom! I love lilacs! One of my favourites!


My raspberry plant survived as well! Lets hope this year I get more than 3 raspberries! Pretty sure thats all that grew last year.


Happy Spring all!

~ Michelle


Meet Fred

This is Fred.

Fred is my new tomato plant. He shall live a long and bountiful life. As long as my husband doesn’t kill him like my last plant. In his defence he was doing yard work and thought it was a weed. (Yeah, I know, whatever.) So here is my new cherry tomato plant! Can’t wait for him to grow!

~ Michelle

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Lets Grow Some Sunflowers!

Want to join me on a fun adventure?
Lets grow some Sunflowers!

Now let me begin by telling you something, I have a black thumb. Elsa has her ice powers, I have the power to kill plants simply by being near them. Despite my best efforts, this is where plants and flowers come to die. I’m sorry. I have tried to change my ways, but have had no such luck yet.

So this spring/summer I thought it would be super fun for the boys and I to try to grow some Sunflowers. And maybe, just maybe, my children did not inherit my black thumb, and these flowers will actually stand a chance! Plus this is on our Spring Bucket List, so you know if we wrote it down, we have to do it.
And honestly, I love Sunflowers. They are beautiful and there is something about them that is just cheerful, don’t you think?

So here we go.
It is a little bit early to plant them. So according to a nice lady at the plant and flower store I could start growing them like this, then transplant them outside later.

So here it goes.

Now for the fun part, playing with dirt, I mean filling the little cup things with dirt. (I’m such a flower killer I am not even sure of the right names for these things, maybe it is just called a cup.)

And now to play with water. I mean water them. And done. (Things are always so much more fun when little boys are doing it. A simple “Please water the plants, turns into an all out water war.)

 Now to hope we get some little flowers out of these!

If you happen to know a ‘flower growing dance’ or something, let me know. Seriously, if you know any other gardening secrets please share! I need all the help I can get!

~ Michelle