Gilmore Girls Workout Plan

I love Gilmore Girls. I have watched it many many times thanks to Netflix, including the new episodes. I love it all. I want more. But lets face it, I can’t just sit and watch it over and over again laying there. Ok, I can, but I shouldn’t. So I decided to put together a little Gilmore Girls Workout Plan to ease off the guilt and laziness of watching it so much.

Join in the fun!

Someone Drinks / Talks About Coffee – 10 Squats
Book / Movie reference – 10 Crunches
Rory Reading – 10 Pushups
Luke and Taylor fight – 30 second plank
Friday Night Dinners – 15 Mountain Climbers
Sookie Cooking – 20 Lunges
In Lukes Diner – 20 Lunges
Town Meeting – 15 Mountain Climbers
Lane doing something her mom does not approve of – 10 Push Ups
Luke and Lorelai together in a scene – 15 Squats
Rory at school / college – 30 Second Plank
Someone is on the phone – 10 Squats
Kirk, because I love Kirk, any time he’s in a scene – 10 Crunches

Can you make it through an episode?

Happy watching!

~ Michelle


How I Gave My Daughter Separation Anxiety With A Pixar Movie

I try to be a good mom. Every day I try. I try to be the best mom I can be to my beautiful children. Some days are better than others. However I never thought I could or would give my daughter separation anxiety. And most definitely I never thought it would be caused by a Pixar movie! Of all things, a Pixar movie! A movie made for children!

My beautiful girl. We have always had a close relationship, going back on 2 and half years now! But seriously, we have always had a close relationship. I joke that it is because I was on bedrest for pretty much her entire pregnancy so it was just me and her alone in a room and she never got used to anyone else’s voice. Breastfeeding for a year and half may have contributed to our close relationship as well.

The other day I thought it would be a good idea to watch Finding Nemo with my daughter, you know getting her ready for Finding Dory. My daughter right away realized something happened to the mommy in the start of the film. And kept asking for her. When Nemo went missing, she got so sad. She kept saying over and over “Nemo gone”.

And now thanks to watching what I thought would be a cute movie, my daughter freaks out when I leave the room. At night my husband can no longer put her to bed, she has to know where I am at all times. At night when she wakes up she calls for both of us just to make sure we are both there still.

My sons grew up watching Finding Nemo and it never once bothered them. I never imagined it would cause this reaction in my daughter. Can you say hello Mommy Guilt?!

Despite the happy ending in Finding Nemo, she still asks at the end of the movie if they will find the mommy. Hello Mommy Guilt! “Nemo mama gone. Gone! Nemo mama gone!”

I seriously question now why I didn’t see this coming, why I didn’t think of this before hand?! My poor daughter! This was not the reaction I thought was going to happen. I figured she would just love the little fish, just like her brothers did!

Mommy Guilt comes in many shapes and sizes, never did I expect to give my own daughter a bad case of separation anxiety! As if we don’t spend a lot of time together, I am a stay at home mom, and we co-sleep, yet I still managed to freak her out.

So now the question… Do I hide Finding Dory and Finding Nemo forever and never let her watch either one, or maybe I should let her watching Finding Dory and she will be happy as Dory finds both of her parents at the end! Maybe I can help undo the damage of Finding Nemo?!

~ Michelle

Favourite Holiday Movies


One of my favourite parts of the holiday season, besides family, food, and Christmas lights, is Christmas movies!

I LOVE Christmas movies.

I remember when I was little cuddling up and watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” every Christmas Eve, and we can’t forget watching “A Christmas Story”.

Some of my favourite Christmas movies are

1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas. (The original cartoon, although the Jim Carrey one is funny too.) I remember laying on my grandparents bed in Florida and watching this moving. Such precious memories as they are no longer with us.

2. Scrooged. Bill Murray. Enough said.

3. A Christmas Story. Classic.

4. White Christmas. All time favourite. I was lucky enough to go see the broadway show with my mom it was amazing.

5. Frosty (the original cartoon).

6. The Santa Clause. (All 3 of them. Who doesn’t love Tim Allen?)

7. The Polar Express. Mostly because my boys love it, and every time I watch it with them I am brought back to the first time I watched it with them. We watch this every year and cuddle up. Such great memories with this movie.

8. Home Alone. (Only the first one.)

9. Elf.

10. Miracle on 34th Street.
What are some of your favourite Christmas / Holiday Movies?

Favourite Halloween Movies

Its October, so lets talk Halloween.
Actually lets talk Halloween Movies!

I used to hate scary movies. I’m talking I would cry, and sleep with my light on, and this was in college! Then I started dating this guy that would one day end up being my husband. He loved scary movies. And now that I have him to check under my bed and close the closet door, the movies don’t seem that scary anymore!

My husband and I started a tradition that every year after Halloween is over, and the kids are in bed sleeping, we stay up late and watch a scary movie.


So here is my list of my top 10 favourite Halloween movies!
(These are not in any real order.)

1. Edward Scissorhands. Tim Burton is amazing at what he does. And Johnny Depp, well I don’t think I really need to say anything more.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Again Tim Burton. I saw this for the first time last year, and couldn’t help wondering what the heck too me so long to watch it! It was actually a pretty decent movie.

3. Harry Potter movies. Not really “Halloween”, but come on its filled with Witches, Wizards and all things magical. Not like I really need an excuse to watch Harry Potter movies, I love them all!

4. Sleepy Hollow. Johnny Depp. Need I say more? Again Tim Burton. I think I am starting to sense a theme here, are you?

5. Practical Magic. Love Sandra Bullock. Ok, so it doesn’t have Johnny Depp in it, but I still love this movie! Sisterly love, witches, magic, and love!

6. Casper! I love Casper! What is not to love, its Casper the Friendly Ghost! I love this one because I remember watching it when I was younger and now I can watch it with my kids!

7. Ghostbusters. Such a classic. I remember this movie scaring me so bad when I was younger. Still every time I hear eggs cooking I think of this movie, and that scene where the eggs popped out and started cooking on her countertop.

8. Trick ‘r Treat. I don’t even know where to start with this one. I have such a love hate relationship with it. It scared me the first time I saw it. I think it is one of those movies that is bad, but so bad it makes it good, so really it is a good movie. You know?

9. Interview With The Vampire. Brad Pitt. That is all.

10. Nightmare On Elm Street. All of them. Oh those movies, the whole it happens in your dream thing, oh man, that gets to me. And if you watch the first one, a very young Johnny Depp.

What are your favourite Halloween movies?

~ Michelle