Spring Time Garden

I’m not one for gardening. I hate it. I tend to kill plants. Its one of my special talents. So when I manage to keep something alive, it is very exciting for me. I was out in the backyard all weekend with the kids when I noticed new life growing.

Another reason I love spring, besides the end of winter, is watching new life grow.

Here are a couple photos I took, so I can share with you all, and prove that I haven’t killed my plants. (Yet, well at least not all of them!)

My lilac tree survived the winter (and me!). I can’t wait for these to fully bloom! I love lilacs! One of my favourites!


My raspberry plant survived as well! Lets hope this year I get more than 3 raspberries! Pretty sure thats all that grew last year.


Happy Spring all!

~ Michelle


No More Snowsuits!

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


What a beautiful Monday morning! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and its finally feeling like spring out there! Like most weekends this past weekend passed by in a sunny blur! We spent so much time outside. I have come to the conclusion that as long as it is a nice day out my daughter will be outside. Which means everything else, the house cleaning, my work, will have to wait. And thats all ok. I love seeing her face when she plays outside, pure joy.

You know what else really makes me happy? No more snowsuits! No more trying to chase my toddler around to layer her up to go outside to get the boys from school. Seriously, this makes me so happy. And will save so much time! We normally have to get ready to go out about 10-15 minutes before we have to leave, now will be 5 minutes, or just walking straight out the door! How exciting is that? My only challenge will be either getting sunscreen on my toddler, or convincing her to keep her hat on! I will take that challenge any day over a snowsuit!

This week I have no real goals. Sorry. This is the first nice week of the year, and I just want to soak in every minute of it. Things will get done, eventually. This week I just want to be in the moment enjoying it with my kids. And besides if my toddler gets her way, I won’t be in the house much any way this week.

Do you ever just feel like you need sunshine and warmth on your skin? I do. Maybe it has to do with growing up in Kenya, but the sunshine and warm weather makes me so happy. It is almost like it awakens a part of me that hides away from the world during the cold winter months. I thrive in the sunshine and warmth. I miss Kenya and its endless sunshine and warmth. I can’t wait for long summer days, camp fires, beautiful sunsets, and loads of time outside with my kids.

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with sunshine and happiness!

~ Michelle

Things I Love About Spring

Spring is finally here. It feels like this year it took its sweet time. And it teased us just a bit. Hot weather, cold, frost, hot again, cold and rain. But I think Spring is finally here to stay.
Here are a few things I enjoy about this time of year.

1. No more dressing the kids in hundreds of layers of clothes to walk to school in the winter. Seriously, in the winter we have to start getting ready about 15 mins before we actually need to leave. Not to mention all the time spent taking all the extra layers back off. Lost mitts. Random hats and mitts around the house.

2. The sun is shining. Nice sunny days do wonders for my soul. A nice sunny day just makes any day better.

3. The windows are open. Fresh air. So nice to be able to have the windows open and feel a nice breeze come through the house. Also nice late at night laying in bed when a storm rolls through, listening to the rain and thunder. So relaxing.

4. Birds singing in the morning. So lovely to wake up to hearing birds sing. Morning walks are so much better when birds are singing.

5. Flowers are staring to bloom. I love flowers. They are beautiful and smell so good! Flowers really make me happy.


6. Road Trips! Road trips are the best, especially in warmer weather, when you can have the windows down while the radio is blasting.

7. BBQ weather! Ok, we pretty much use our BBQ year round. But still, it is so much nicer to use it in warm weather, and being able to eat outside. Bonus that its less mess for me to clean up in the kitchen, kids spill food, no big deal!

8. Lots of out-door time with the kids. Relaxing outside in the sun with the kids and a pile of books. Nature walks. Playing games outside. Jumping on the trampoline.

9. Fun at the lake. Cottage fun. Swimming. Fishing. Throwing stones. Playground fun.

10. Sandals! Enough said.

What do you love about Spring?


Lets Grow Some Sunflowers!

Want to join me on a fun adventure?
Lets grow some Sunflowers!

Now let me begin by telling you something, I have a black thumb. Elsa has her ice powers, I have the power to kill plants simply by being near them. Despite my best efforts, this is where plants and flowers come to die. I’m sorry. I have tried to change my ways, but have had no such luck yet.

So this spring/summer I thought it would be super fun for the boys and I to try to grow some Sunflowers. And maybe, just maybe, my children did not inherit my black thumb, and these flowers will actually stand a chance! Plus this is on our Spring Bucket List, so you know if we wrote it down, we have to do it.
And honestly, I love Sunflowers. They are beautiful and there is something about them that is just cheerful, don’t you think?

So here we go.
It is a little bit early to plant them. So according to a nice lady at the plant and flower store I could start growing them like this, then transplant them outside later.

So here it goes.

Now for the fun part, playing with dirt, I mean filling the little cup things with dirt. (I’m such a flower killer I am not even sure of the right names for these things, maybe it is just called a cup.)

And now to play with water. I mean water them. And done. (Things are always so much more fun when little boys are doing it. A simple “Please water the plants, turns into an all out water war.)

 Now to hope we get some little flowers out of these!

If you happen to know a ‘flower growing dance’ or something, let me know. Seriously, if you know any other gardening secrets please share! I need all the help I can get!

~ Michelle

First Bonfire Of The Year

Well sort of it. More like a baby bonfire.
Ok. The truth, it was more like burning twigs and sticks from the yard.
I think to qualify as a bonfire it needs to be bigger and needs marshmallows. Pretty sure we can’t cross bonfire off of our Spring Bucket List yet.

Try not to look at the dead looking grass. My poor yard needs a lot of love this spring!

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~ Michelle

Spring Bucket List

It is finally starting to feel like Spring, which has finally gotten me excited about Spring and doing Spring things.

So here is our Family Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List

1. Plant some flowers or vegetables.

2. Blow bubbles.

3. Dance in the rain. Complete with a sappy kiss in the rain with my husband. Because kisses in the rain are the best.

4. Fly a kite.

5. Bike ride.

6. Nature walk.

7. Feed the birds, and maybe some cute little chipmunks.

8. Have a bonfire. Complete with marshmallows!

9. Have a picnic, the whole sappy picture, blanket in the grass, cloud watching and all of that.

10. Spring Clean. (Oh the things you get excited about when you become a parent! Clean, de-clutter, re-organize, so much fun!)

Do you ever make Bucket Lists? Do you have any plans for the Spring? How will you enjoy the warmer weather?