Ice Chalk

One of my favourite things to do in the summer is make coloured ice in the evening, and in the morning its ready to go. Its one of the first things we do in the morning, get up, kids eat breakfast and then outside to play with ice cubes. Why do we do this? Because it ensures I get to drink a hot coffee while the kids are distracted and having fun.

You can make simple coloured ice cubes with just water and food colouring.

You can fill up a container with water, food colouring (optional) and place little toys into it before freezing (also optional) (also make sure the toys are safe to put in water and freeze!). This adds another level of discovery to play time.

And now, lets talk Ice Chalk.

Its super easy and fun.

– Half Cornstarch
– Half Water (or maybe a little bit more water depending on the consistency you want)
– Food Colouring
Optional: Glitter, small toys.

And freeze.

You can use normal ice cube trays, or fun shapes. We use both.

And have fun!

~ Michelle


Bored Jar DIY

Summer is almost here, which means the kids are off school, which means parents will hear them say “I’m bored” about a 2847292843092849328202 times a day.

I decided to make a bored jar, that way when they complain I can send them to the jar and they can pick an activity. However they use it with caution, because I didn’t just put fun things in there to do. To keep it interesting I also added chores. If they want to tell me they are bored they run the risk of having to clean the toilet.

So here is what you need to make your own jar:


– A Jar. (This can be a washed out pasta jar, pickle jar, whatever you have on hand.)
– Popsicle sticks
– Pens or markers
– Optional, tape to decorate the popsicle sticks.

Next write out ideas on the sticks, and put them in the jar. For added fun, you can cover up the jar with paper or tape so they can’t see what is inside.

Here is what I wrote down:

1. Write a story
2. Do the laundry
3. Make a treasure map
4. Play a card game
5. Build a card house
6. Nature walk
7. Play I SPY
8. Plant a flower
9. Play a board game
10. Play with Lego
11. Find and make a Pet Rock
12. Look at old family pictures
13. Play wii
14. 15 push ups and 15 sit ups
15. Research a topic that mom or dad picks
16. Bake cookies
17. One Chore – mom or dad picks
18. Explore on Google Earth
19. Play with Play Dough
20. Write a letter to a family member
21. Build a fort
22. Play Simon Says
23. Wash the dishes
24. Play marbles
25. Paint
26. Organize your clothes by colour
27. Bubble bath
28. Watch a movie
29. Clean your room
30. Write 5 things you love about yourself
31. Do a puzzle
32. Go to the library
33. Dance party
34. Make a craft
35. Photo scavenger hunt
36. Clean your bathroom
37. Read for 30 minutes
38. Write 5 things you love
39. Vacuum
40. Alphabetize your books
41. Draw
42. Go for a walk
43. Create a city
44. Play on your iPod
45. Make a family tree
46. Make and fly paper airplanes
47. Play catch
48. Geocaching
49. Write 5 things you love about our family
50. Journal
51. Read for 1 hour
52. Do Yoga for 30 minutes
53. Clean all the toilets
54. Mediate for 20 minutes
55. Do school work (Printed sheets from online)

Let the fun begin and put a stop to “I’m bored”.

~ Michelle

Back To School. Grade 5 & Grade 4.

My boys are back to school. Its hard to believe. The summer went by in a blur. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I just sent my boys off to Grade 5 and Grade 4! I still remember those grades like they were yesterday! Especially Grade 5, a lot happened that year. I was living in Kenya. I met friends that are still in my life today. I had my appendix out. Which resulted in 3 hospital visits after that including another hospital stay.   I went on a school trip to Mt. Kenya, which resulted in one of the hospital visits and being sent home early. Good times.
And now here I am, the mother of a son in Grade 5 and another son in Grade 4.

I remember thinking when I was little that the days would just drag  on and on. But now, it is as if someone has push the fast forward button on my life. I’m not sure I am ready for this. Every time I feel like I have my kids figured out, they go and grow up and change on me. Always changing, always growing.

I wonder if my parents ever felt like this? If they did they never let on. Maybe they just had better poker faces that I do, or they just handled it all a lot better than I am.

Lets be real here for a minute. Completely honest. I am a complete wreck over how fast my kids are growing up. I don’t feel like I am handling it all that well. I am an emotional wreck. I feel like I am constantly playing catch up. Always just one step behind them. Just when I think I have it all figured out, they go and grow up a bit more, not a lot, just enjoy to change every single thing!

Something else, HOW AM I OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE KIDS IN GRADE 5 AND GRADE 4?! Ok… never mind lets not go there.

Back to the important thing here… My kids. School. Such a bitter sweet thing! I am so incredible proud of them! They are such awesome little humans. They love school. They do well in school. They behave in school! But they are growing too fast. I love watching them grow and reach new milestones, but does it have to happen so damn fast?! This mama isn’t fully prepared for it.

Time to pull up my big girl panties, and handle this like the mom boss that I am!

Onward and upward.

Forever changing and forever growing.

Now… If I could get people to stop telling me when my daughter will start school and talk about how quickly that is coming, that would be awesome!

~ Michelle

Backyard Painting With A Shower Curtain

A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and I saw that Todays Parent Magazine shared this story about a moms amazing backyard for her kids. I fell completely in love with her yard! It is amazing! I want to play in it. It also got me thinking. I don’t have a forest in my backyard, but I do have a backyard for my kids, and I have been thinking of what to do about painting with my toddler. My toddler LOVES to paint. But paper outside just doesn’t seem to do it, and we would paint right on the fence, but she didn’t like to finger paint on that. So this is where this article gave me the solution.

Hang up a clear shower curtain in the backyard! Its perfect! The rain can wash it clean, or you can. And the possibilities for my little artist are endless!

We didn’t have two trees close enough to tie it to like the mom in the article. So this is what we did, and you can to! All you need is a shower curtain, string, and a fence!

First stop, the dollar store!


Next go outside, get some string, and string it through the loops. Next tie up the ends to the fence! Poke holes in the bottom so you can tie down the bottom corners as well!

Next step, get paint and have fun!

Even the big kids got into it! Everyone LOVED IT!


This has quickly become the favourite spot in the backyard!

We put this up yesterday and already this morning my toddler was asking for this as soon as she finished breakfast!

I have a feeling we will be going through a lot more paint now!

~ Michelle

I Want To Do It ALL!

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


What a whirlwind this summer has been! I can’t believe it is already August! Where as the time gone?

Summer is soon coming to an end. I have already done back to school shopping! I’ve been so busy with all the running around, errands, shopping, water fights, and such that my poor blog has been left alone. I have missed my little blog. My little slice of the internet. My escape and my release.

I don’t know what it is, but today I woke up with such determination to get so much done, and such a strong urge to blog, that I am just going with it. I must say, it is nice to be back.

Usually on Monday’s I write out To-Do Lists and goals. But today I just want to accomplish EVERYTHING that I don’t really have a list. If that even makes sense? See something amazing happened last night! My beautiful toddler actually slept all night on her own! This hasn’t happened in… well I can’t even remember when the last time she did this was, thats how long ago it was. So maybe that is the reason behind my sudden burst of energy!

Do you know what else could be behind my sudden burst of energy? My husband and I are planning a road trip in October. This will be our first real trip as a family of five! We have done Niagara Falls for a couple nights, but thats a few hours from home. This trip, we hope, will be a week long trip down to the states! I am equal parts nervous and anxiety filled, but also totally excited and over joyed!

I have a feeling today will be a great day. I will get a lot accomplished. Today will be a good day! I will make it a good day! I am not wasting my one night of sleep on a crap day!

So now to clean, organize, work, sew, make necklaces, spend time with the kids, workout, blog, read, run errands, meal prep, meal plan, and have a fantastic day!

What do you hope to accomplish today?

~ Michelle

Countdown To Back To School


It’s summer. A time when everyone expects moms to jump up and down for joy because their darling children will be home 24/7 for what can sometimes feel like forever…

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer vacation. But I miss the structure that the school year brings. All the hard work we as a family have put into our routine, our schedule, it is all thrown right out the window in the summer.

I plan and plan for summer vacation, to the point that I’m tired and left feeling drained. Then summer vacation happens, and 75% of those plans go out the window. Every year. Every single year. Which just leaves me feeling somewhat disappointed that all that effort and time was wasted.

Then there is the dreaded “I’m bored” from the kids, or the sibling fighting. Fighting over nothing. “Mom I think he looked at me all weird like!” Seriously kid?!

Oh how I have a love/hate relationship with summer vacation. I like the relaxing mornings compared to the rush of getting to school. But I still have to get my kids up and fed, clean up after them, feed the again and again and again, because they have apparently never eaten before and must eat all day long during the summer.

Summer vacation is far from relaxing when you are a mom. I have 3 kids, and so far summer vacation has consisted of breaking up fights, dealing with the I’m bored, going on adventures only to have them fight in the car, dealing with the constant parade through my kitchen, the endless toys and mess inside and outside my house. Its not as simple as checking the living room for toys before bed, I have to check outside too now.

I miss my kids when they are in school, I honestly do. But right now, school is looking pretty good.

Maybe its because I am such an introvert, that I feel most comfortable when things are done a certain way, and I just find all this more draining than other moms do. Maybe its because I haven’t slept properly since my daughter was born. Maybe its the not having a single moment to myself thing. The lack of adult conversation. Maybe its the feeling so alone in the summer when its just me and the kids day in and day out.

Blame it on what you want.

As much as I love my kids, love the extra time with them, love the extra cuddles, love the extra talks, as much as I love being able to go on adventures and spend so much time with them. As much fun as we have already had, and will have, I am counting down to the first day of school! (Which of course I will cry over. Don’t judge!)

Do you feel the same way? How do you deal with summer vacation with kids?



Summer Vacation Is About To Start

Summer is here. School is almost done. And my kids spend every minute they can outside. I’m not even joking, last night I didn’t get my kids into the house till 8:30pm. Since the time they got home from school we were outside. We played outside. We ate dinner outside. The kids would have probably slept outside if I let them.

All this outdoor fun is amazing. But lets face it, it means less time for me inside the house to work. House cleaning, work, blogging, all of that. Ok, the house work I can do without, but the rest… Working and blogging is my outlet. I miss it when I don’t get to do it. I need it, you know? My creative outlet is what keeps me grounded, helps with the stresses of everything and my anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredible happy to be outside with my kids playing all day. But sometimes, you just need that time to yourself to do what you crave.

My kids are my world. My whole world. They make my heart happy and my soul sing. But sometimes motherhood is overwhelming. Sometimes I crave the creative outlet to relax. And thats ok, and totally normal. Summer is here, and it is all about a new kind of balance. Trying to figure out how to get work done in the house while outside with the kids all day. Not sure how it will work, but I’m sure some how it will.

This summer I have a feeling will be different. It will be great. It will be amazing. It will be interesting to find balance for whatever whatever needs and wants.

This summer I refuse to put myself last. I will find time to work and blog and do things that are just for me. I am a mom, first and foremost, but I am still me. I still have separate needs from my kids and my whole family unit.

But in all that, summer is here, and its fun to be outside, so if its quiet around here… Well I just hope you are all outside enjoying the summer too!

~ Michelle


Summer Screen Time Rules

Yes I am a mean mom. I set rules for my kids, even in the summer. If my children think they will spend the whole summer glued to screens they have another coming!

So naturally I set out some guidelines, rules if you will. Here they are:


Happy Summer Break!

I have high hopes for this, but also wondering if this will last past the first week if I’m going to be honest.

~ Michelle


First Day Of Summer

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Season.
Hello New Adventure.


Holy crow! Where has this year gone?! How is it already officially summer and almost the end of June?!

This month has been crazy busy around here with birthday parties, Fathers Day, and my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Yes 40 years! I will just let that sink in for a minute…. I still can not believe my parents have been married for 40 years! That is crazy! I am so incredible proud of them, this accomplishment, their true love, and their dedication to each other and their every growing family.

And the celebrations will continue with a big birthday celebration for my mom in a few weeks! I love this family. With all these celebrations happening lately it has got me thinking a lot about life, family, love, and all that mushy stuff.

I am so blessed that I was placed into this family. The amount of love this family has going on is amazing. I couldn’t think of a better life to have or a better family to call my own.

So before I get carried away with all the mushy feelings and start crying it is time to get my butt in gear and get stuff done!

My goals for the week are:


1. Clean up and organize. This past weekend my husband and I went away for 3 days for a quick getaway. My house seemed to have thrown up every single toy all over the floor while we were gone, and then with the rush to prepare for fathers day… there is just so much to get done around here now.
2. Meal plan. I am having trouble finding meals that don’t involve a lot of cooking, or can be cooked in the crockpot that my kids like. They have suddenly decided to become picky eaters and hate everything.
3. Some how find a way to waterproof my house from the kids in the summer with all their water fights and pool time.


4. Figure out end of year teachers gifts for my sons teachers. Usually I am totally on top of this, but like I said, this month has just gotten away from me.
5. Figure out how we will survive summer vacation.
6. Pick out our family books to read together this summer.


7. Read a book this summer. I started one way back in March? February? Either way I still need to finish it. If I am feeling really lucky maybe I will get two whole books in this summer!
8. Stop biting my nails. Oh my gosh, let me tell you I had long, pretty sparkly nails last week, then my husband and I went away for 3 days… hello anxiety, goodbye nails.


9. Come to terms with the fact that I can’t work as much as I want in the summer, and thats ok. Family comes first.
10. Never stop dreaming.

What do you hope to accomplish this week or this summer? Would love to hear your plans!


Recovery Time Is Over

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


Its been over two weeks since I had surgery. Which means I can start easing my way into working out. I can not tell you how excited I am about this! I have missed working out so much. I have missed my workouts so much. I need them so much. They help me, not just to feel better physically, but emotionally. I am always in such a better mood after. Which is good news for everyone. The real challenge now will be taking it easy and not jumping in the deep end right away and over doing it.

After two weeks of taking it easy not just in the fitness department, but in every department really, I am looking forward to not feeling like such a lazy butt. Dare I say, I am looking forward to cleaning?! Crazy, I know!

I am also looking forward to working again. Working on my blog, working on my business. To be able to put all the ideas I have had over the last 2 weeks into something I can show all of you.

This week I have goals. This simple thing also makes me happy and excites me! I can do things again!


1. Clean up! My husband and kids have been great about helping out and cleaning up around here, but it needs a mothers touch.
2. Meal plan. Meals that don’t involve the oven. Now that summer temperatures are here, I don’t need to turn our kitchen – our house- into a sauna while cooking.


3. Spend more time outside together. Unplug and play.
4. Go to the beach more often.


5. Workout. Slowly. But surely workout again.
6. Read. I started a book, I think back in February, or March. Either way I would really like to finish it.
7. Make plans and finish plans. Birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, sports, trips, summer outings. So much planning to do. So little time.


8. Clean and organize my desk. Since taking some time off my kids have used my desk as a dumping ground for all things not related to my work.
9. Get caught up on my photos.
10. Bring things into reality.

What do you hope to accomplish this week?

~ Michelle