Its A New Week With New Goals

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


It’s a new week, which means new beginnings. But yet is still feels like the same old same old, you know? Maybe you don’t know, maybe you can’t relate. I’ve been in a funk lately, a bit of a rut. This summer has been such an emotional and physically draining time. I’m exhausted in new ways, more than just a late night and being tired the next day.

I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

So here I am, admitting it to the world, well anyone who reads this, that I am in a rut and I need to get out.

So this week that is what I plan to do.

Here are my goals with the week that will hopefully help.


1. Clean and keep on top of chores. Just because it is summer and vacation doesn’t mean we don’t have to clean every day.
2. Set a timer in the evening and spend 15 minutes tidying up.
3. Spend more time talking. It is fun being able to be together and do things together, but I want to talk more, with no distractions. Just talking, deep conversations about feelings and all that.


4. Finish projects. Seriously there is nothing more frustrating than being a rut and looking around seeing all these unfinished things, it makes the rut worse.
5. Meal plan. Healthy meals! Have healthy snacks in the house and cook dinner at home! No emotional eating, I always feel worse after.


6. Write. Write for the sake or writing, write to sort out my feelings and thoughts, write down to-do lists and my ideas so I don’t forget them!
7. Workout! I know this, I swear I do, but still. I know that working out makes me feel better both emotionally and physically, but that still doesn’t mean I do it ever day, especially when I am in a rut.
8. Read. I miss reading. I miss being able to read and not feel guilty about it. I miss really enjoying a book, really being able to get lost in a book.


9. Write. Stop being so scared to share feelings and opinions. Write openly and freely.
10. Be brave. In all parts of it.

So there you have it, Operation Change is in full effect.

Do you ever get stuck in a rut? How do you get out of it? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

~ Michelle

Things To Pack For The Cottage

Seems like this is a big part of summer for a lot of people, is a trip to the cottage. Whether you own one, rent one, or visit with friends and family. At some point a lot of people will face the hours of traffic for a bit of relaxing and fun this summer.

Here is a small list of things to make sure you pack before you spend hours in traffic.

1. Sunglasses, Sunscreen, and a Hat. Don’t want to get a sunburn on your first day out on the lake just to suffer for the rest of your vacation! Protect your skin!

2. Bathing Suits and clothes. This should be obvious, unless of course you like to skinny dip, or a nudist, in which case, skip this one.

3. Books/Magazines. IF you happen to get a few minutes to yourself, maybe after dark while the rest of the house is sleeping, or early in the morning, it’s always nice to get a chance to catch up on your reading (or gossip depending on what magazine you buy!), or to read if you get stuck in traffic. Also nice to take kids books to make sure you still get to read your kids a bed time story.

4. Life Jacket. Especially if you have kids. Always make sure you have safe, proper sized life jackets, especially if you are boating. Always good to have one on the kids all the time when they are around water.


5. Masks/Snorkel. This was a must for my boys when they went to the cottage. They spent so much time floating around with their Life Jackets on, Masks and Snorkel watching “the under water world”.

6. Food/Drinks. And snacks for the car! No fun to show up to a cottage just to realize you have to go back out for food. Come prepared! Meal plan! No point wasting time out shopping for food when you could be rest by the lake.

7. Stuffed Animals! This was my kids idea! They said I had to put this on the list. We took some of their stuffed animals with us. A little piece of home to help make them feel comfortable and sleep better at night! When they kids sleep well at night, everyone sleeps well!

8. Toys/Games. If you have kids, and you happened to get rained out. Make sure you have something to pass the time. Or even in the evening before bed. We played so many card games. It was a lot of fun and always a good laugh.

9. Water Toys/ Pool Noodles. Sometimes even a lake needs a little extra fun. Or if there happens to be a small little beach area where you are, always nice to have a few toys handy for kids to play with.

10. Flash Light and extra batteries for it. Especially if you have a kid like my little one that had to keep turning on his flash light as soon as he thought it was getting dark out. Also super fun for making shadow puppets on the wall with at bed time! And glow sticks! Put glow sticks on the kids once it gets dark out, they think its fun, and it helps keep track of them in the dark if you happen to be out star-gazing.

11. Bug spray, After Bite, and Benadryl. Nature hates me, so these items are a must for me and my family!

What are your must have items for the cottage? 

~ Michelle

Back At It

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.


After taking off some time to fully enjoy summer vacation with my kids, and also to give my husband time to fix my computer, I am finally back at it. You don’t realize how much you use and would miss your computer until you can’t use it. I’m not usually one to become attached to an object, but when its my computer and holds my photos, internet and my work – my outlet, I miss that.

So here we are. Two weeks into summer vacation and I am happy to say my children haven’t driven me completely crazy yet. We have been having a fun, low-key, relaxing time. I want to keep this theme of relaxation going all through summer vacation.

So here are my goals for this week.


1. Get the boys on some sort of chores schedule. As much as I am for letting kids be kids and enjoy summer vacation, I am also for kids learning responsibility, and helping out around the house.
2. Read together every day. We have all been so worn out by the end of the day lately that we have been skipping family reading time.
3. Meal plan and have everyone help out with cooking.


4. Keep the house clean and tidy. Get back into the habit of setting the timer in the evening and having everyone tidy up.
5. Finish cleaning and organizing and going through the giant pile of work and art work they brought home from school.


6. Workout. I have been SO bad on this lately. I’ve been going for walks, but that is about it. And I have put it off so long that it is affecting my mood, and that is just not good. I don’t like feeling this way.
7. Write. Not just for my blog, but for myself. Whether it is in my journal, or just writing for the sake of writing.
8. Relax. So much easier said than done. With the boys home all day and baby girl still never sleeping, I have not been alone since the boys started summer break. I have been having a hard time unwinding. Even though we are having a relaxing summer vacation, I still crave that time on my own to unwind and be on my own, even for just a few minutes.


9. Write. Plan. Create.
10. Take chances. Leave my fear behind me and dive in.

Do you have any plans for this week? Or are you just soaking in all the summer vacation you can?

On a side note, remember a few weeks ago one of my goals was to stop biting my nails? I finally did that. Now if I could stop breaking them! Score 1 for me!

~ Michelle

Hello Summer

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.
Hello Summer Vacation.


It’s the first Monday of summer vacation, first full week of summer fun.

I would really love to say that I have a whole whack load of plans, that I have so many goals to accomplish, that I’m all put together, that I’m totally on top of things, that I’m fully and completely organized. But I’m not any of those things, at least not today.

This week is all about summer fun. It is about letting go and enjoying the ride. It is about letting the kids be kids. It is about taking in the little things. It is about family time together. It is about endless hours of silly conversations and laughter. It is about just being together.

I want to enjoy time with the kids without an agenda and schedule. I want to enjoy the sunshine without checking my watch to see what time it is. I want to enjoy playing outside without putting a timer to it. I want to enjoy seeing my kids use their imaginations without having to stop them. I want to enjoy the freedom of being home with my 3 kids.

There will be time for schedules next week. This week is for fun.

What are you doing to celebrate the first week of Summer Vacation? 

~ Michelle

Lets Get Organized

Hello New Day.
Hello New Week.
Hello New Adventure.
Hello Summer Vacation!


Well it is finally here! The last week of school! I’m so excited for this summer. Last summer I couldn’t do much since I was recovering from a c-section and had my new-born daughter to care for. But this summer, this summer is going to be awesome. My daughter is on the move, walk and loves to explore and play outside. The thoughts of warm summer days outside in the sunshine while the kids play just sound so blissful.

So here are my goals for this last week of school.


1. Come up with a plan for summer! Make a bucket list. Have pre-planned activities.
2. Go through all the school they have brought home over the school year and sort it out.
3. Meal plan!


4. Get organized. Because naturally when busy getting ready for summer I decide to take on another project.
5. Workout. Must workout. 4-5 times. I always feel better after working out, my happy level is off the charts after working out.
6. Read! Enjoy the last few quiet moments while the boys are at school!


7. Keep the house clean! Set a timer before bed for 15 minutes and have everyone help tidy up.
8. Set up a chores chart for the kids for the summer.


9. Get organized. This goes in part with the personal goal I have. I need to get organized in all aspects of my life.
10. Learn to take more risks.

So as you can see my goal for this week is to get Organized! How do you stay organized? Do you write lists every day? Have a binder of some sort? Have lists up and printed and put up in the house? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

How do you get ready for Summer Vacation with your kids? 
Do you have any goals for this week? 

~ Michelle

Summer Outfits

I shared this picture on my Instagram yesterday and I had to share it here again. I LOVE this outfit. So simple, so sweet, and just overall happy! I love the yellow and the flowers! They make me happy. Its the perfect summer outfit!

Summer outfit

Do you have a favourite summer outfit? An outfit that just screams summer and makes you happy? 

Do you have a Wordless Wednesday post? Link up below!

~ Michelle

Keep Your Pets Cool In The Summer Heat

It is almost that time of year, when it goes really hot, and really humid. It is important to stay cool and hydrated. But it is also important to keep on an eye on your furry little friends as well.

I’ve had pets pretty much all of my life, dogs and rabbits mostly.


So here are some tips and tricks I have used over the years to help keep my furry friends cool in the heat.

– Ice in the water. Or an ice pack attached to their water bottle. (If you have bunnies make sure their water is always cold, they don’t like to drink warm water, so you will have to check on it a few times a day)
– A frozen bottle of water to cuddle up next to (for the bunnies and dog). Just make sure they don’t start chewing on it!.
– Fans in the room (but not directly on the bunnies).
– Lots of Frozen treats (put a carrot in the freezer for a little bit for the bunnies, they love it.).
– We have even had to spray down the dog with some water, we don’t do this for the bunnies but you can get your fingers wet and get their ears damp. Just be careful with that!
– Keep them in the shade and out of direct sunlight as much as possible!

and the furry pets favorite:

– A frozen ceramic tile to lay on!

I’m sure as the summer goes on we will have to come up with more ways to keep our pets cool if this heat continues like this, but for now this is our list! We may end up adding onto it as the summer continues.

If you guys have any ways that you keep your animals cool in the summer I would love to hear them!


10 Fun Ways To Be Active With Your Kids This Summer

Its June, which means it is time to start the summer fun!

Here are 10 fun and easy ways to be active with your kids! Which we all know being active is important to every one, and what better way than to do it together?!

summer fun

1. Walk. So simple and free! A walk can be simple, a walk around your neighbourhood, a nature walk, walking to and from school, walking to the store.

2. Play with a ball. Kick it, throw it, chase it, bat it, whatever it is you do, just have fun with it. Pick a game where you keep score, person with the lowest score cleans the kitchen, or maybe has to clean their bedroom!

3. Make an obstacle course. Inside on a rainy day, or outside on a nice sunny day. Use chairs, sofa cushions, brooms, boxes, rope, whatever you have on hand. Or make one up at the playground, have to do things in a certain order.

4. Playground fun. Visit different playgrounds in your area, or visit some out of town ones. Have a lake near you? Visit a park near a lake and have a nice picnic lunch.

5. Water World. Set up a kiddie pool to splash in, set up buckets of water balloons, water guns (if you allow those), sprinkler.

6. Bike ride. Local bike ride, or head to a small town nearby and explore. Small towns tend to have the best ice cream, just saying.

7. Walking tour. Visit a new town or city and walk around.

8. Learn or take up a sport as a family. Soccer, baseball, basketball. Whichever tickles your fancy.

9. Set up a sports day. Have different sports you need to do, running, short distance, long distance, long jump, and such. Invite extended family. Even make a craft day before and make up ribbons.

10. Dance. Dance party in the kitchen while cooking. Dance party in the living room. Dance party in the backyard, wait till sunset and have some glow sticks! Who doesn’t love glow sticks?!

How do you plan on staying active this summer with your kids?

~ Michelle