Paper Carrots For Easter

My kids love crafts. My boys have always loved crafts and now they have so much fun because of their little sister.

So apparently we had to make some carrots, because they go with Easter, because of the Easter Bunny I guess.

So here is how we made some pretty awesome paper carrots!

You will need some paper, stapler, and paper cutter.


We cut strips 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches wide.


And fold to get the carrot shape you want. Staple on green, and you can cut the ends if you like.

And done!


Blurry photo in thanks to some very excited kids trying to practice their photography skills!

Happy crafting!

~ Michelle


Rainbow Easter Eggs

Every Easter my kids look forward to dying the Easter Eggs.

We have always done it the same way, bowls of water and food coloring. It is usually messy, but still so much fun.

This year I thought we would try it a different way. Maybe with very little to no mess! Cut out the water all together. We decided to go with Rainbow Easter Eggs.

Here is what you will need:

-Hard boiled Eggs
-Ziploc Bags
-Food Coloring
– A place to dry the eggs


First you will need to hard boil the eggs. When finished cooking let them cool down and dry.

Then you will place an egg in a Ziploc bag and add 2-3 drops of different food coloring onto the egg. (Or a lot of drops if you let the kids do it on their own!) We only used one Ziploc Bag and washed it out after each egg.


Then comes the part the kids liked to call the “squishy” part. Let the kids rub the egg around in the bag until covered in food coloring. (Adding more colors if needed)

Next let them dry. If you have extra food coloring dripping off the egg simply wipe it off with a paper tower.

I made the egg holders myself with strips of paper, quick and easy to do. Cut a strip of paper, form a circle, cut on side and slide it together.


And there you have it! You are done!
Find a nice place to display the kids new art work.
You can even use them as a pretty centre piece on the table for Easter dinner!


Happy decorating!


Reindeer Food

Every year we make Reindeer Food. Every year on Christmas Eve before the kids go to bed they go outside to spread out the food. They leave it all over the yard, just to make sure the Reindeer find it! They love this tradition. It is so much fun.


Here is our recipe for (super special, super magical) Reindeer Food.

What you will need:

Bird Seed
Coloured Sugar (A whole mix of colours, or just red and green)
Little Plastic Bags


We get a bag of bird seed and coloured sugar from Bulk Barn. That way you can decide how much of each item you need.

Next pour your sugar into the bag with the bird seed and mix together.


Make sure you have your bags ready, we make one bag for each child. Pour in the amount you want in each bag.


Wait for Christmas Eve and go out side and sprinkle the special treat on your lawn.


~ Michelle

25 Christmas Books

This is a tradition we started last year. I love it. The kids love it. I wrap up 25 Christmas books. Some we already owned and mixed in a couple new ones. It is the boys job to pick one each night and then read it to their sister. Everyone has so much fun. I love creating life long memories with my kids like this.


What Christmas and Holiday traditions do you have in your family?

Do you have a Wordless Wednesday post? Link up below!

~ Michelle

Favourite Holiday Movies


One of my favourite parts of the holiday season, besides family, food, and Christmas lights, is Christmas movies!

I LOVE Christmas movies.

I remember when I was little cuddling up and watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” every Christmas Eve, and we can’t forget watching “A Christmas Story”.

Some of my favourite Christmas movies are

1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas. (The original cartoon, although the Jim Carrey one is funny too.) I remember laying on my grandparents bed in Florida and watching this moving. Such precious memories as they are no longer with us.

2. Scrooged. Bill Murray. Enough said.

3. A Christmas Story. Classic.

4. White Christmas. All time favourite. I was lucky enough to go see the broadway show with my mom it was amazing.

5. Frosty (the original cartoon).

6. The Santa Clause. (All 3 of them. Who doesn’t love Tim Allen?)

7. The Polar Express. Mostly because my boys love it, and every time I watch it with them I am brought back to the first time I watched it with them. We watch this every year and cuddle up. Such great memories with this movie.

8. Home Alone. (Only the first one.)

9. Elf.

10. Miracle on 34th Street.
What are some of your favourite Christmas / Holiday Movies?

To Decorate Or Not To Decorate Before November 11th?

The debate continues. But does anyone know when it started? I do not.

When did it become a bad thing to decorate for Christmas early? When was it deemed disrespectful to decorate before November 11th, Remembrance Day? Who decided that if you have Christmas decorations up and a Christmas tree decorated that you are spiteful and disrespecting our Veterans?

Growing up I never heard of this debate. People were free to decorate whenever they decided to. When and who decided this?

My opinion, as someone who has had family members fight for my country, as someone who knows people enlisted in the army right now, the act of putting up my Christmas decorations on November 1st vs November 12th has no baring what so ever on my level of respect for my countries Veterans, my family members and my friends.

I respect the Veterans every minute, of every day, not just on one day for one minute.

If you so believe that in your family you would rather wait till November 12th or later to decorate, go for it.

But please lets not start a fight and start insulting people over this. Lets show respect and love to everyone.

You would not tell a person born on November 11th to not celebrate their birthday because it is Remembrance Day, so do not criticize people for decorating for a holiday.

Santa and the Poppy can go hand in hand in friendship if one so desires. So lets stop the arguing, stop the nit-picking, let us just all show respect, and on November 11th, no matter what your house looks like, whether you have Halloween decorations still up, Christmas decorations or even a couple Valentines decorations lying around, lets just focus on the importance of the day, no matter what our houses look like.

Looks don’t matter when it comes to how we view people, it is their character, their being, their spirit. Just as what my house looks like does not matter, but the people in my house and their love and respect on such an important day.

On November 11th, let us focus on our Veterans. Let us focus on all they have done for us and our country and what they continue to do.

Remembrance Day

~ Michelle