Starting Your Morning Off Right And Organized

Last week I showed you pictures of what my desk and floor looks like.  Now I am showing you what my mornings look like. Every morning I have multiple things I need to check, and lists I need to write out, and calendars to check.
This is what happens when you have a husband, three kids, a blog, a Handmade Business and a Handmade Sea Glass Necklace business.

This is how I start my day, every day.
My binder, it contains order forms, blog calendar, and other house hold related paper work for me. The pink notebook is where I write blog posts when not near my computer. Next up is my day timer and family calendar, then a note book for work ideas and thoughts. Next is my “Self Care notebook”, basically motivational quotes I found, little pick me up messages, doodles, and such. The green notebook is my prayer notebook. I Like notebooks incase you haven’t noticed. I may have a slight addiction. I love putting pen to paper. Next is my Journaling Bible, pretty self explanatory. Last is my little devotional book.
After I go through all of these, I write out a To Do List for the day.

Not in the picture: coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!

How do you start your day off right and organized?

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~ Michelle


Spring Time Garden

I’m not one for gardening. I hate it. I tend to kill plants. Its one of my special talents. So when I manage to keep something alive, it is very exciting for me. I was out in the backyard all weekend with the kids when I noticed new life growing.

Another reason I love spring, besides the end of winter, is watching new life grow.

Here are a couple photos I took, so I can share with you all, and prove that I haven’t killed my plants. (Yet, well at least not all of them!)

My lilac tree survived the winter (and me!). I can’t wait for these to fully bloom! I love lilacs! One of my favourites!


My raspberry plant survived as well! Lets hope this year I get more than 3 raspberries! Pretty sure thats all that grew last year.


Happy Spring all!

~ Michelle

Fabric Letters

I made these Fabric Letters for my toddler, and I have to share them with you! I love them! She loves them! They are awesome!

Each one is a different fabric, and each one has a plain pink backing so you can tell when one is not facing the right way.

I love them!

Find out more about them here.

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~ Michelle

This Is My Morning

What my morning looks like. Just kidding, this is about 2 minutes I get after the boys go to school and my daughter is playing happily. I get about 2 minutes to try to drink my coffee, organize the calendars, and get whatever I can done.


What does your morning look like?

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~ Michelle

March Workout Schedule

I can’t believe it is March already!

If you haven’t been following me on Instagram you should! I started on a Fitness/ Healthy Life Style Journey on January 1st! It has been such an adventure so far! Very excited to see where this leads!

Here is my March Workout Schedule!


Do you have any fitness/ workout goals? I would love to hear about them!

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~ Michelle


I went to the store the other day, Bulk Barn, for some ideas on candy for my daughters birthday. While at the store I found this. I have no clue what all is in it, but I do know that I want to eat it ALL! It looks so good! Too bad I’m on a healthy eating kick right now. But soon, very soon, I want to try this!

What do you think? Do you think this all looks good?


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~ Michelle

Its The Small Things

Its the small things in life. It really is. Small and totally random things that can make someone happy. Like going to the magical k-cup store and stocking up on your most favourite drinks for your Keurig.
Seriously. That makes this very seriously sleep deprived mom very happy!


What are some random things that make you happy?

~ Michelle


Ladder Display

My boys had bunkbeds, for about 3 years or so. They recently decided they no longer wanted bunkbeds, ever again, so when we took them apart I didn’t want to just throw away the ladder, and I have no place to really store it.

So I thought I would hang on to it, and use it for something other than collecting dust in a corner some where.
And lets face it, I may have some sentimental value towards the thing.

So here it is.


A little ladder display I put up on my bedroom wall. Still not exactly sure what to do with it, just playing around with it and displaying my wooden animals from Kenya.

First of many DIY projects I have in mind for this year.

Do you have any favourite DIY projects that you have done? I would love to hear about them.

~ Michelle

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25 Christmas Books

This is a tradition we started last year. I love it. The kids love it. I wrap up 25 Christmas books. Some we already owned and mixed in a couple new ones. It is the boys job to pick one each night and then read it to their sister. Everyone has so much fun. I love creating life long memories with my kids like this.


What Christmas and Holiday traditions do you have in your family?

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~ Michelle