100 Book Reading Challenge

I love to read, but I don’t have the time to read, certainly not as much as I would like. Despite that I still want make sure my children grow up with a love for reading as well. We decided to do a reading challenge. Read 100 books, and pick a special thing to do at the end, a day out, trip to the movies, whatever they want (within reason).

I just didn’t think about having to trace 200 circles before starting this! Thank goodness for the boys help on this!


I am happy to say the boys have already added in several circles!

~ Michelle

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Keeping My Toddler Busy

I love play time with my daughter. But sometimes she doesn’t want to play with her toys, or read books.
I found this great activity for her. She loves it. It is fun. Best of all, it does not take any batteries!


Who would have thought that a strainer and pipe cleaners could be so fun?!

~ Michelle

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Adoption Mug

This is my Adoption Mug.


Let me explain.
This summer I got to spend some time with my son that I gave up for adoption and his family. I even got a special lunch with the wonderful woman who adopted him. We even got to do a little bit of shopping before lunch. While out we found this mug, actually two of these mugs. We decided it would be fun to have matching mugs, thus making this to be forever known as my Adoption Mug.
One mug has traveled all the way back to Europe, while mine stays here, but when I drink out of it, I feel just a little bit closer to them, a little bit more connected.

I love my Adoption Mug.


Sometimes it is the small things that mean the most to us.

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~ Michelle

Lets Colour!

I love to colour. I always have, and apparently that isn’t stopping anytime soon. During the summer I bought an adult colouring book. I love it! But it did take me about a month to finish one page! But that’s ok, its nice to take my time and relax, and relaxing is the whole point of all this.

When was the last time you took time to relax, unplug, have fun and colour?

ColouringBook1 ColouringBook2 ColouringBook3 ColoringBook4

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~ Michelle

Share A Coke

Sometimes it is fun to annoy my husband. I do it out of love.
Yesterday we were out and he wanted a drink, so I grabbed a coke, but since I couldn’t find his name or my own name, I decided to get this one. I wondered how long it would take him to catch on. He got it right away. He just shook his head and walked away from me.


What can I say? I love Vampire Diaries. Don’t judge!

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~ Michelle

Lets Go Geocaching

Have you ever gone geocaching? Have you even heard about it? If not, you can read more here and join in all the fun on the Geocaching website. We used to do this a lot, but since we have had our daughter it has slowed down. This weekend we had a whole outing for it and found 3! Needless to say the boys were thrilled. Here are some pictures from our Geocaching adventure.

micro geocache

Micro Geocache


The Boys found a treasure!


I spy with my little eye a Geocache hiding in the tree


Peaceful pathway along our travels

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~ Michelle

Adult Colouring Book

I only recently found out that these things were actually a thing.

I remember in college sitting in my dorm room colouring in kids colouring books with my roommates. It was such a stress reliever and so much fun. We even went as far as to put up our pictures on the wall, we had some pretty awesome drawings of Mickey Mouse if I do say so myself.

So when I found out that Adult Colouring Books were actually a thing I had to check them out. Thank goodness for having a Chapters store near my house. Thats were I picked up these two awesome colouring books, one for me and one for my husband, you know, so he wouldn’t feel left out.

Adult Colouring Book

I haven’t even coloured one page yet, and I already love it. It is so much fun.

Adult Colouring Book

When was the last time you coloured in a  colouring book?

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~ Michelle

Niagara Falls Sky Wheel

We recently went on a family trip to Niagara Falls. It was the first trip as a family of 5! It was so much fun and so very tiring, but so very worth it.

I just wish I took more photos. But I never even pulled out my camera, or my phone. We were so busy the whole time, sight seeing, going on attractions, swimming, walking down to the falls. Actually I did manage to snap one photo on the trip.

Here it is.

Niagara Falls Sky Wheel

Have you been to Niagara Falls? Have you gone on the Sky Wheel?

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~ Michelle