Furious 7

I finally got out to see Furious 7. I know I am a week late. But I finally saw it, and I am so glad I did.

Furious 7 Movie Poster by Universal Studios.

First off, can I just say how long it has been since I have actually watched a movie in a movie theatre. I can’t remember exactly, but it is in the 2-3 year mark. Also this is the longest that I have been away from my daughter. The amount of emotions I had from excitement to actually be going out and the mom guilt was a bit overwhelming to be honest. I had butterflies. It is a bit crazy what motherhood can do to you. The simple act of going to a movie can cause such guilt.

So like I said, it had been a while since I have been out. Can I just say I may have totally gotten excited to see this soda machine! I mean seriously, how awesome is that?! So many choices! I could have Cherry Coke. Cherry Coke is so awesome and it’s almost impossible to get in Canada, so this was a pleasant surprise.


Also, I may have been a tiny bit (Super) excited to see Furious 7, that I may have gotten to theatre a tad bit early…

Any way, now onto the actual movie.

What can I say about Furious 7…

I cried. I cried at the beginning of the movie, just knowing that Paul Walker has passed on. I cried at the end of the movie.

The movie itself I loved. It was a great movie. The cast was awesome as always. The dynamics between them worked so well. I loved the graphics. I loved the cars. Oh the cars were awesome. The stunts, the fight scenes. Oh how they just keep pushing and pushing the Fast and Furious franchise, and they just keep winning.
But knowing that Paul Walker wasn’t even there for some of those scenes… It was sad. Although the whole movie was good, I felt there was an undertone of sadness throughout the whole thing. There were parts in the movie that just were so sad, like the funeral scene when they said along the lines of “No more funerals. Just one more”.
If you watch the other movies, especially Fast 4, 5, and 6, you can see the real connection and love between the actors, but in this one, when you looked in their eyes, especially during certain scenes, their eyes were filled with such sadness and heartbreak, something that can not be faked, even by the best actors.

Spoiler Alert.
I cried during the end scene. The good-bye to Brain (Paul Walker).
I felt they did a good job at saying good-bye. It was respectful and full of love.

If you get the chance to go out and see a movie, I highly recommend seeing Furious 7. Just make sure you have a some tissues handy, it is equal parts excitement, trill, and sadness.

~ Michelle


The Fast And The Furious

I love the Fast and Furious movies. I have been a fan since the first one came out!

I am hoping to see the newest one, Furious 7, soon. But first I have to watch all the ones in order.


Have you seen Furious 7 yet? Are you planning to?
If you have don’t spoil it!

~ Michelle

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