20 Life Lessons I Learned In My 20s

Am I the only one that does this on my birthday, to go over the last year, and your past and reflect.
Reflect on all the good, the life lessons learned, and even the bad, because without the bad you wouldn’t be who you are.

So here I am about to turn 30, and after much reflecting I have decided to share some of my life lessons with you.

Without further delay, here they are.


1. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Just because you want something to happen a certain way doesn’t mean it will. Things will happen in their own time. Don’t try to rush fate. Plan and work for it, but also trust in the right timing, even if you don’t understand when the right time really is.

2. Read. A lot. All the time. Read everything. Reading is amazing, it can take you places you never thought of, teach you new and exciting things, and it can open your mind if you let it.

3. Thank your parents. Seriously, they are awesome, and chances are you were a major brat in your teens.

4. Don’t stress about where you are compared to where someone else is. Enjoy your own path. This path was made especially for you, embrace it and enjoy it.

5. Travel. Travel and experiences are worth far more than any item you could buy.

6. Don’t be your own worse judge. Push yourself, test limits, but know its ok if you fall, just pick yourself back up again and keep going.

7. No one is perfect. Seriously. Everyone has their own issues. Embrace what makes you different or scares you.

8. Take care of yourself. Ok, I know this, but I still suck at it. It is so important to take time for yourself, to spoil yourself every once in a while. And most of all take care of your health. Seriously. Its important.

9. Workout because it is fun and good for you, not because you have to. You will enjoy a workout so much more if it is for fun instead of feeling like you are forced into it. And your body needs it. Soon things will start to hurt and be sore. So take care of yourself.

10. There is no day of the week called “Someday” or “Later”. Do it today. Don’t keep putting things off. Tell someone you love them. Go for your dream. Eat the last cupcake!

11. It is ok to say NO. Really it is. So you don’t volunteer for 100 things, instead only 99, that’s ok. The world won’t end because of it.

12. Listen. Listen to your heart. Listen to others. Listen to your feelings. Listen to the birds. Listen to the rain. Just listen, really listen.

13. Learn how to budget and save money. I know it sounds super boring, but trust me, its worth it.

14. Never stop asking questions. Kids ask like a 1039048404830380287595 questions a day. Keep your curiosity alive, keep learning.

15. Let it go. Forgive and forget. Even when you never actually got the apology. Don’t let someone that isn’t worth your time take up all your time. Don’t let them move into your head. You have more important things to focus on.

16. People change. It’s a part of life. People will come and go. Let them. Some people are meant to be with us for a long time, and some for a short, its important to know the difference.

17. It’s the small things. The small things can be the most important. Sometimes a kiss on the forehead is all you need to make a bad day good. Sometimes its the way someone looks at you, not what they say to you.

18. Change is scary, but it can also be really really good. Embrace change.

19. Say what you mean. Don’t hide your feelings. Trust your self.

20. One day, the pain and broken hearts will all make sense. The pain, heartache and all the bad stuff, there is a silver lining there. It may not be tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, but eventually, it will all be worth it.

Here’s to sending off my 20s. You were a wonderful decade. I learned a lot. I had 3 beautiful children. I married my best friend. I traveled. I had my heart broken and shattered. I had my heart full and bursting with love. Its been a roller coaster that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see what my 30s hold.

~ Michelle


2 thoughts on “20 Life Lessons I Learned In My 20s

  1. Happy Birthday girl!!! When we met fourteen years ago (!!!) I couldn’t have wished for a better life for you than what you’ve built, you’ve grown into such a wise woman and such an amazing mom! I’m so proud of you… have an amazing birthday, you deserve it ❤


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