An Open Letter To The People At The Toronto Zoo Yesterday

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Dear People Who Visited The Toronto Zoo Yesterday,

First let me start by saying this isn’t a debate about zoo’s and all that. And it is not about the staff of the Toronto Zoo either. This is to the people who visited the zoo, and acted like completely fools and almost ruined my day.

To the people looking and walking around the Gorilla exhibit, making jokes about having your kids fall in there so you could get 15 minutes of fame is just wrong. An innocent and beautiful animal was killed. It is not funny and not something to joke about.Going as far as to try to figure out how to get in there and telling your child and joking about it, that is just wrong. So very wrong.
To the people outside sitting with their children on the fences where it clearly states not to, and telling your child to kick out their legs to see if the gorilla can touch it, you guys suck. Have some respect. Teach your children respect.

This part is a shout out to the man standing by the tiger area. When my family walked pasted you, and my children asked ME why the tiger was walking back and forth by the gate and asking if the tiger was waiting to be fed. He asked ME because we had just watched other animals have their feeding time and he was curious. What my child did not need to hear was your jackass remark stating that the tiger was in your words “That tiger there is waiting for you to fall in so he can eat you.” You sir, are an ass. There was nothing funny about your statement, especially to a child, a child you don’t know, to my child. Next time you are around children and you go to open your mouth I hope that you will stop and actually think. Be a decent person next time, don’t be an ass again. I went to the zoo for a good time, not for my children to ask why someone would be so mean and heartless to say something like that.

To the parents that watched your children tease, throw things, and down right torment a family of geese with their small babies. You should be ashamed of yourself. You and your children laughed when these birds were clearly in distress. Instead of teaching your child respect you laughed. I try not to judge parents, it is not my place to tell people how to parent your child. But when your child thinks that is is funny to throw things at animals and try to hurt them, on a basic human level, that is just not cool. Please, for humanity sake, teach your children kindness towards all living things.

And finally, to the man, I don’t even want to call you a man, regardless… To the man that thought it was a good idea to follow a peacock, back it up against a wall, and proceed to kick and step on its tail in an attempt to get it to open up its tale. You are an ass. But you didn’t stop there did you, just when I thought you were leaving you went and got your child, pulled them with you back to the peacock so you could try to step on it again… you are a giant ass. Please sir, have some respect. That bird is not there to please you and entertain you. That bird is an animal yes, but no animal should be treated like that.

I understand people, some people don’t like zoos, but IF you do visit a zoo, all I ask is that you have some respect. Respect for yourself, your children, and the animals – big or small- that are all around you.

I like to think the best of people. I like to think that there is still good in the world. And I like to go out with my children and have a good time. What I don’t like is going out with my children and seeing such disrespect and meanness and have my children ask why when all we wanted to do was see some animals.

Kindness goes a long way, towards people and animals. It really does. Give it a try.

~ Michelle


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